Fallout 76 Datamine Hints At A Washington DC Expedition

A recent datamine for Fallout 76 has hinted that Washington D.C. might be the first location for the upcoming expedition feature.

A post on the game’s Reddit shows that leaker eckserah has found test maps in the game’s files that show off Washington D.C., which Fallout fans will know as the setting of Fallout 3. The images show off the Washington Monument and the Dupont Circle, which makes it pretty hard to mistake for anything else.

The expedition maps are currently only being used as tests, it looks like. The leaker has clarified that they are labelled as prototypes within the game’s files, and are seemingly being used to test expedition functionality. However, their inclusion is still pretty interesting and does seem to hint towards previous Fallout maps making an appearance in future Fallout 76 expansions.

When detailing the future of Fallout 76, Bethesda mentioned expeditions and said it is ” looking at Expeditions to be a way to maybe do something off map”. It had originally planned for them to be included in the game by late 2020, but Covid pushed that back to an unknown date.

As such, don’t go expecting expeditions to be added to the game anytime soon. Bethesda has talked about them openly, but it hasn’t formally announced any details just yet. Combining those statements with these prototype maps, it seems like Bethesda is working on them as we speak.

It’s interesting to note that on Fallout 76’s 2021 roadmap, expeditions are nowhere to be seen, despite having been talked about back in December 2020. The only world-related update on the roadmap is an update to how private worlds work. All signs are pointing to expeditions being added to the game in 2022, but even that might be a stretch.

The roadmap did indicate some of the content that players can expect this year, including more Brotherhood of Steel, more daily ops and more pets. Bethesda recently talked about the Microsoft acquisition, saying that it went “very smoothly”, whilst also being very candid about the state of Fallout 76 at launch and agreeing that they “screwed all things up”.

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