Fallout: New Vegas Players Are Beating The Game In 9 Minutes

Fallout: New Vegas will typically take around 40 hours to beat on a normal playthrough, completing one of the four endings and dipping into a fair amount of side quests. However, as usual, speedrunners have found ways to absolutely destroy that time, and are completing New Vegas in just nine minutes.

Across numerous different categories, the race is on to see who can beat New Vegas the fastest. Right now, one runner even holds all the records across the four different endings, with WaveClipping taking the top spot after securing a time of 9:58 in the Mr. House route. Even the glitchless category world record has come down recently, now sitting at 22:54.

You can watch WaveClipping's latest victory in the Twitch stream below (starting at around 01:29:16). Here, the streamer showcases some of the most essential glitches needed for the run, such as Reload Dashing, that lets you glide around the map using a bug attached to reloading a certain type of gun. We can also see them repeatedly use quicksaving and quick-loading to clip through walls, making it easier and quicker to traverse through certain areas.

What's amazing about this run is that, despite being in the Mr. House category, WaveClipping doesn't even speak to the big man himself until they're at the Legion camp on Fortification Hill. And they still don't meet with him until they're done "dealing" with the other big players across the Wasteland, enabling them to initiate Mr. House's final plan as soon as they are granted an audience with him.

Over in the glitchless category, PigSpots' time of 22:54 reigns supreme. Here, the runner has to get by without the luxury of reload dashing or messing with how the game handles quicksaving. Instead, they blast through the main story on foot, memorizing the most optimal routes to take across the map, and the best order to approach everything. One non-glitch feature they can exploit, however, is setting the game's language to Italian, as this is actually a bit quicker than playing in English.

Right now, these two runners are at the very top of their respective categories. It remains to be seen if these times can be brought down even further.

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