Fan Gives Classic Camera Angle Treatment To Final Fantasy 7 Remake

The original Final Fantasy 7 still very much holds a place deep in many gamers' hearts. The PS1 classic was brought into modern times with 2020's Final Fantasy 7 Remake featuring completely overhauled character models, game environments, and cutscenes. It was a tour de force from Square Enix, but it seems many fans are still fond of the look of the original.

One YouTuber has somewhat combined the look of the two games by giving Final Fantasy 7 Remake a similar camera viewpoint as the classic FFVII (via PCGamesN). Using mods and clever camera magickery, the JRPG now has an isometric viewpoint that brings to mind those photos where everything looks tiny. With the graphics unchanged, the effect is evocative and nostalgic. Just check it out for yourself below.

Flurdeh has experience with this effect as he has done this previously with Red Dead Redemption 2, using the technique known as tilt-shift photography to transform these games into miniature dioramas, giving them an appearance of a tabletop game or something you'd find within a crystal ball.

"Using Tilt Shift to turn Final Fantasy VII Remake's Midgar into a miniature world. With its tiny inhabitants waddling around going about their lives", reads the video description. Commentators were impressed with one saying that "this angle actually makes me appreciate the whole vibe of the world. There needs to be more games going into isometric angles again. This is so beautiful".

Flurdeh's channel is all about 'Tiny Game Worlds' which tries to see the scenery and worlds of video games from a completely different perspective. The filmmaker uses camera tools by Frans Bourma to achieve the effect as well as reshaders. The music playing over the top of the video is Tifa's Theme – Seventh Heaven from the FF7 Remake Soundtrack and composed by Nobuo Uematsu.

While it's not a playable mod per se, Flurdeh's artistic direction has captivated fans and one even suggested that the possible Final Fantasy 9 Remake should be remade using this isometric camera angle style. It seems Square Enix's RPGs have inspired a wealth of culture and creativity around the world, so cheers to them!

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