Fan-Made Simpsons Hit & Run Remaster Is Still Looking Great

Back in July, we reported on the fan remastering Simpsons Hit & Run all by themselves – including reanimating all of its cutscenes by hand. Well, it seems that development is going strong, as creator El Gato Del Tejado has shared another update, and it's still looking great.

In the latest video, El Gato shares more of the reanimated cutscenes, which are perhaps the biggest changes in the entire project. As you can see in the update, the cutscenes now look like they're straight from the TV show in terms of their artstyle, showing us what an official remaster could look like. Various textures around the overworld have also been upgraded, giving everything an impressive, yet faithful makeover.

Ever since we last got a look at the new and improved Springfield, El Gato has updated a bunch of more textures. Various signs and collectables across the map now look a lot sharper, with the dev completely overhauling them from their original 2003 look.

As El Gato went over in a previous video, simply putting the cutscenes through an AI-powered enhancer wasn't enough. Due to this, they're having to go over everything by hand, and we get a glimpse of what that entails in the video too. But the results are undeniably an improvement and incredibly impressive for just one person.

This time around, we're also seeing some very noticeable improvements to the interiors. Considering these contain a whole lot of textures, it will take a while for El Gato to get to all of them. However, many in the first Homer level have already been upgraded, and look much clearer, and pretty reminiscent of more recent Simpsons games.

El Gato will keep posting new clips on the YouTube account, but for more frequent updates you can join the Patreon for the project. Somehow, El Gato has managed to dodge the copyright issues that brought down a previous remaster project, so fingers crossed it stays that way.

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