Fasnacht Day Parades Return To Fallout 76 With Three New Masks Up For Grabs

Fasnacht Day has arrived once again in Appalachia, bringing with it three brand new masks that you have a chance of earning by joining in with the festivities.

You can find this seasonal event in the town of Helvetica which is just east of Vault 76. The event will take place at the top of every hour and ends at 12pm ET on February 22nd. If you want to grab all the festive goodies you may have missed out on in prior events – or if you’re hoping to score one of the three new masks introduced this time around – make sure you participate in as many events as possible.

Just like the Fasnacht Day events last year, you’ll be collecting meal ingredients, decorating, and playing music for the Master of Ceremonies. Once preparations are complete, you’ll meet with a group of Protectrons and participate in a parade. However, the noise will attract all sorts of creatures, so you’ll need to protect the parade until it reaches the end of its route. After all that, you’ll then be awarded some rare loot, the quality of which is determined by how many robots from your parade have survived.

Bethesda had recently hyped up the start of Fasnacht Day in a blog post published a few days ago on Fallout 76’s official website, detailing progress on future updates to Fallout 76. One such update that is mentioned is the Camp Slots feature which will allow players to create more than one camp in Appalachia. The publisher mentions that work is continuing as normal, but will need more time before it is tested.

Bethesda’s willingness to support Fallout 76 after it’s dismal launch back in 2018 has led to a resurgence of daily players this past year. Frequent story updates like the Wastlanders and recently released Steel Dawn DLC have added more content to a game that many criticized for feeling empty. The publisher has also implemented fan-requested updates like an increased stash limit and an overhaul to the Pip-Boy.

With more content for the game on the horizon, let’s hope that the Fallout 76 fanbase continues to grow and that the game can finally become the multiplayer Fallout game that fans wanted.

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