FIFA 20 DOWN: EA server status news as match creation is disabled

EA has confirmed that FIFA 20 servers are down today, affecting a number of platforms.

It appears that online games are no longer working, and gamers are unable to connect on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The good news is that EA has spotted the outage and is looking to fix today’s problems in a timely fashion.

Issues with EA servers were first flagged at around 7 pm GMT, and the problems are continuing throughout the evening.

EA has also warned that they have now disabled FIFA 20 match creation, meaning that game service will be limited.

The latest update from the EA Support team can be found here: “Hi all, we are actively investigating the connectivity issues players are currently experiencing.

“Match creation has been temporarily disabled to prevent disconnects. We’ll update this thread with more info when we can.”

It’s unclear what has caused today’s FIFA 20 outage; however, it appears that all major EA titles have been affected.

Other games that have servers offline tonight include Apex Legends, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Anthem and Need for Speed.

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