FIFA 20 Player Picks glitch confirmed by EA Sports

FIFA 20 players were probably expecting to see some glorious new red player picks this morning.

However, a fresh bug appears to have impacted the latest selection of FUT Champ rewards for players this week.

As a result, the majority of FUT Champ players have been left without any La Liga player picks after a weekend of grinding wins on Weekend League.

This isn't the first time EA Sports have encountered issues with Red Player Picks. A bug back in January of this year meant players were also missing their rewards.

As you might imagine, the fanbase are not exactly over the moon.

"I have achieved Gold 2 in FUT Champs, however, I have no La Liga FUT player in my rewards," one clearly unhappy player tweeted.

Another added: "I got Gold 2 but I didn't get a La Liga in my second pick? Is this meant to happen?"

The FIFA 20 Weekend League begins on Friday mornings at 8am and ends on until Monday mornings at 8am every weekend.

You can play a maximum of 30 games and the rewards you get are calculated by the number of wins you manage to achieve. The more wins you get, the better your rewards will be.

Currently, those players who manage to win a large portion of their games in FUT Champs should be rewarded with guaranteed TOTSSF players in their Red Player Picks.

However, after a weekend of action most players would have expected to see not just TOTSSF players from the Turkish Super Lig Team of the Season, but also La Liga TOTSSF as well.

Naturally, those players from La Liga would be more highly coveted. But so far it seems as though La Liga Players are missing from all rewards.

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Thankfully EA Sports FIFA 20 Support account (FIFA Direct Communication @EAFIFADirect) is aware of the issue and have responded to complaints, tweeting:

"We're aware of the issue affecting FUT Champions Rewards for some players that are Gold 2 and above. We are actively investigating and will update this thread when more information is available"

A follow-up message also added: "FUT Champions Rewards for eligible Gold 2 players and above that have yet to be claimed will now be disabled until we fix the issue."

More to follow, hopefully before the new weekend league begins tomorrow morning.

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