Fila Gets More Sonic Shoe Stock After High Demand

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 speeds into North American cinemas this weekend, and Paramount will be eager to find out if the blue blur's sequel is as popular domestically as it has been elsewhere in the world. Sonic 2 launched in various other markets, including the UK, seven days ago and is off to a speedy start. The movie generated $25.5 million during its opening weekend, a two percent increase when compared to the first movie in those same territories.

The sequel itself isn't the only thing proving to be incredibly popular. Official merch attached to its arrival is also selling fast, including some Fila sneakers modeled after the shoes Sonic wears in the movies. The limited-edition trainers were in such high demand that shortly after they went on sale, the link led to an item not found page because they had already sold out.

If you're one of the many that tried and failed to get your hands on a pair of official Sonic shoes, then there's some very good news. The fast boot-inspired sneakers will eventually be back in stock. Fila revealed the news just in time for Sonic 2's arrival in the US. As you can see in the tweet below, you can currently head to Fila's website to sign up for notifications letting you know when the shoes are back in stock.

Signing up will hopefully mean you're one of the first to head to the website and order a pair, but don't dilly dally once you get that email. As was demonstrated via the first batch of stock, the trainers are more popular than Fila expected so will likely sell out just as fast as the first lot. There's also no indication as to whether there will be more waves of Sonic shoes after that. Once the second batch sells out, that could be it forever.

While Sonic shoes might be gone before you know it, the blue blur on the big screen certainly will not. Paramount has also revealed there is going to be a third Sonic movie as well as a Knuckles spinoff series. One of the movie's producers also dropped the phrase Sonic Cinematic Universe, and director Jeff Fowler said he would be on board for a Smash Bros. movie should there ever be plans to make one. Fowler did add that the amount of legal teams and red tape involved in that project would be quite the headache.

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