Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker – The Aitiascope Dungeon Guide

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The Aitiascope is a level 89 dungeon in Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker. Having held up your end of the bargain and helped the Forum get the materials they need for the starship, it is now time to venture into the deepest part of Labyrinthos and speak with Hydaelyn.

The Aitiascope is home to vengeful spirits of past defeated enemies. While the names of some of the enemies you face in this dungeon may be familiar, their mechanics may not. You'll need to prepare accordingly if you want to make it through the Aitiascope, so let's take a look at each boss you'll find in this dungeon and how to beat them.

How To Unlock The Aitiascope

This dungeon unlocks near the end of the Endwalker Main Scenario through the following quest.

  • Accept the Main Scenario Quest 'Her Children, One and All'
    • NPC Location: Fourchenault – Labyrinthos (x:13.3, y:27.5)

    Dungeon Walkthrough

    Throughout this dungeon, you will come across glowing yellow spirits. These yellow orbs are friendly spirits of fallen allies and will aid you in certain locations in the dungeon. When you see a glowing yellow spot, stick near it for a beneficial effect.

    You will face three bosses in the Aitiascope, whose attacks and mechanics are outlined below. Note that being hit with most of these attacks will inflict vulnerability up, making you more susceptible to damage. Avoid each mechanic as best you can as you face the Aitiascope's bosses.

    Livia the Undeterred

    The first boss of the Aitiascope is Livia the Undeterred.

    • Aglaea Bite: Deals high damage to the Tank. Use your defensive abilities to mitigate this damage.
    • Frustration: Deals damage to all party members. This attack is often used immediately before others, so be sure to heal up after Frustration.
    • Odi Et Amo: Livia will target two random players with a circular AoE attack, then immediately target another player with a stack marker. First, dodge the two AoEs, then quickly group up on the player with the stack marker to spread out the damage of this attack.
    • Disparagement: A large cone AoE that is used immediately after Odi Et Amo. After you group up on the stack marker, Livia will target the party with Disparagement, forcing you to quickly run out of the AoE immediately after the stack marker resolves.
    • Aglaea Climb: Livia will move to the center of the arena and begin charging this attack. During her charge-up, two of her limbs will begin glowing, indicating that she will attack in those areas. Move to either of the two quadrants that don't have a glowing limb in them to avoid Algaea Climb.
    • Aglaea Shot: Livia will perform a line AoE attack on the cardinal and intercardinal directions, dealing damage to players in the AoE. Additionally, this attack will summon an Aether Shot in the cardinal and intercardinal directions around the arena. After a few seconds, the Aether Shots will charge forward, dealing damage in the same locations as before. Move between the line AoEs and stay in that position until the Aether Shots finish their attack.

    Livia will repeat these attacks until she is defeated. As the fight progresses, she will attack more frequently, so keep an eye on her glowing limbs to avoid Algaea Climb.

    Rhitahtyn the Unshakable

    The second boss of the Aitiascope is Rhitahtyn the Unshakable.

    • Anvil of Tartarus: Deals high damage to the Tank.
    • Tartarean Impact: Deals damage to all party members.
    • Tartarean Spark: Targets a random player with a line AoE. Move out of the way to avoid this attack.
    • Shrapnel Shell: The boss will create two circular targeting AoEs that slowly move towards the edges of the arena. After a short delay, the target AoE will become active, then explode, creating more circular AoEs on either side. Watch the direction the targeting AoEs move in and head in the opposite direction to avoid Shrapnel Shell.

    • Vexillatio: Rhitahtyn will jump to the north edge of the arena and begin charging two AoE attacks to the left and right sides of the arena. As these AoEs resolve, the ground will be uplifted, creating walls on either side of the arena that heavily narrow the moveable area. Additionally, four crystals will be summoned that the boss will tether to. Each crystal has a health bar that slowly drains; when the health bar is empty the crystal will break, creating a safe spot you will need to use to avoid the boss's next attack, Shield Skewer.
      • The rate the crystals lose health is random, meaning that you will need to check how quickly the health bar declines to discern which crystal will break first. Keep an eye on each crystal's health bar and move accordingly.
    • Shield Skewer: Immediately after the walls are created from Vexillatio, Rhitahtyn will begin charging Sheild Skewer. This line AoE will cover the remainder of the arena. However, once one of the crystals break, you can quickly move to its position and stand in the safe area to avoid this attack.
    • Rhitahtyn will repeat these mechanics until he is defeated. This boss is rather straightforward, just be sure to watch for the breaking crystals during Vexillatio.

      Amon the Undying

      The final boss of the Aitiascope is Amon the Undying. Donning his appearance as Amon, loyal servant of Emperor Xande, Hermes has again returned to bar your progress. Listed below are each of Amon's attacks and mechanics.

      • Dark Forte: Deals high damage to the Tank.
      • Entr'acte: Deals damage to all party members.
      • Eruption Forte: Targets two random players and places a circular AoE under them. After a few seconds, this AoE will explode, dealing damage in the area. Move outside the affected area to avoid Eruption Forte.
      • Thundaga Forte: Amon will create a proximity AoE in the center of the room. Move to the edges of the arena to reduce the damage from the initial damage of this attack. Then, the arena will be divided into eight cone-shaped sections. Each section will then begin filling up with electricity, and will deal damage when the section is full. Four sections will fill slowly, while the other half fill quickly, which will appear in an alternating pattern. Move to the slow-filling sections until the fast-filling sections explode, then move into the safe area created there.

      • Strophe: Amon will summon a large circle in preparation for his next attack. From the second use of this attack on, Amon will summon two circles.
      • Antistrophe: The summoned circle will slowly rise from the ground in one of two directions. After a few seconds, a line AoE attack will be performed through the circle, dealing damage in a line down the arena. The direction this attack comes from depends on the direction of the upright circle.
        • From the second use of this attack on, both circles will create line AoEs. These circles will either intersect or be parallel to one another. Watch the position of the circles as they rise to find a safe location to move to.
      • Left/Right Firaga Forte: Amon will deal high damage to one half of the arena, to his left or right respectively. Move to the opposite side of the arena to avoid. Note that, for example, Left Firaga Forte deals damage on Amon's left side, which would be the right side of the arena if you are facing towards the boss. Keep this in mind when avoiding this attack.
      • Curtain Call: Amon will begin long-casting this attack. During the cast, circular AoEs will appear below players at random, similar to Eruption Forte. When this attack is completed, all players will be instantly killed. To avoid Curtain Call, wait until Shiva is summoned to the arena. After a few seconds, Shiva will appear and use Diamond Dust near the center of the arena, dealing damage in a small circle and creating a large crystal of ice. Hide behind the ice to avoid dying to Curtain Call.
      • After you have reached Curtain Call, Amon will begin repeating these mechanics until he is defeated. Watch out for the Strophe circles, and make sure you are positioned correctly during Left/Right Firaga Forte. Defeating Amon will mark the completion of the Aitiascope.

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