Final Fantasy 14: How To Glamour Egi Familiars Into Carbuncles

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The Summoner class in Final Fantasy 14 begins as an Arcanist, and before they become Summoners, their pets are adorable, glittering carbuncles. Carbuncles are often a reason the class is picked by a player in the first place. Few job mechanics include a little buddy obeying your commands like a Pokemon. Not only that, but carbuncles are a Final Fantasy staple. They have appeared in numerous titles with similar designs.

Once a player becomes a Summoner though, the time of carbuncles is over. Afterward, you summon Egi creatures that resemble Ifrit, Garuda, and Titan. For carbuncle fans though, Square Enix made sure to give them a way to glamour their Egi summons back into carbuncles. There are even sizing options available for certain summons as well!

Updated on March 8, 2022 by Meg Pelliccio: We've updated the information in this guide to ensure you have everything you need to turn your egi summons into cute little carbuncles.

How To Unlock Egi Glamours

The very first requirement is to have the Summoner class hit level 50 because the ability to glamour an Egi comes from a level 50 side quest called "An Egi By Any Other Name." Make sure to do the "Primal Burdens" level 50 job quest first with Y'mhitra in Old Gridania as well.

Once that is done, the needed quest is given out by Thubyrgeim at the Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:4.7, Y:11.4). The quest is pretty short with only two steps. Now comes the technical stuff.

Glamour Commands

To glamour the Egi, you must type out /egiglamour "egi name" "glamour". So fill in the "egi name" with any of the following:

  • Garuda-Egi
  • Titan-Egi
  • Ifrit Egi.

Then fill the "glamour" with any of these:

  • Emerald Carbuncle
  • Topaz Carbuncle
  • Ruby Carbuncle.

The typing needs to be exact with quotation marks and all. For example, to turn a Garuda into an Emerald Carbuncle, the player will type out:

/egiglamour "Garuda-Egi" "Emerald Carbuncle".

Once this is done, the next time the Egi is summoned, it will be whatever the glamour chosen is. This is entirely visual, as the carbuncle will behave and deal out attacks like the Egi.

To remove a glamour, simply type out the Egi and leave out the entire glamour part. For example, to remove a glamour from Garuda, type out:

  • /egiglamour "Garuda-Egi".

How To Change The Size Of Demi-Bahamut And Demi-Phoenix

Carbuncles and Egi's aside, Bahamut and the Phoenix are other eventual summons of the Summoner class. They are the most powerful, and a major part of the Summoner rotation. The default size may be large, but it is actually a medium. You can make them smaller or even larger with a little-known text command. Unlike the glamour, this does not require any quest or even having the Summoner class in the first place.

That's right, this affects all summoned Demi-Bahamuts and Phoenixes! So any class can use this command to make sure Summoner Demi-Bahamuts and Phoenixes always appear smaller or larger. Most make them smaller so that the large wings do not block the view of mechanics happening during fights.

So, to do this for your game you have to type out /bahamutsize [subcommand] with the subcommand being replaced with the word large, medium, or small. While the command only mentions bahamut, it also will apply to the demi-phoenix. This will only work for your game, so don't expect other players to notice a difference in size.

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