Final Fantasy 7 Remake Gets New Patch With PS5 Save Upload Option

With Square Enix nearly ready to unleash Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade upon the world, the company has gone ahead and released a new update for the PS4 version that will allow users to carry their progress over to Sony’s next-generation platform. If you happen to be lucky enough to own a PS5, you won’t need to start over from scratch when Intergrade lands on June 10, 2021.

This patch won’t just be beneficial to people currently playing 7 Remake. If you previously 100%ed the game on PS4 and completed all of the trophies, transferring your save will unlock those trophies for the PS5 port. This should be great for jumping straight into the DLC and getting yourself ready for whenever Remake Part 2 actually releases.

As a bonus, Square Enix is also offering a free small DLC pack with some extra accessories. This will include the Chocobo Chick, Cactuar, and Carbuncle Summoning Materia for you to use in your attacks. If you had purchased this same pack on the PS4 version (which was included with the collector’s edition and in pre-orders), you will need to download the PS5 version of it to make use of these items on your save file.

The update should currently be live on the PSN, so you’ll simply need to download it, boot up the game, and upload your save. That will get you all set for when Intergrade releases. Updating to the PS5 version may be a real pain, but your save will be ready and waiting for you to return to Midgar.

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