Fire Emblem Three Houses: The Best Characters To Recruit To Black Eagles (And How To Get Them)

As you can expect just by reading the game’s name, three Houses are the protagonists this time in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. This time around, you’ll have to decide in which House you want to teach. Will it be the Black Eagles, the Blue Lions, or the Golden Deer?

The Black Eagles are led by Edelgard. She is the princess and the future emperor of the Adrestian Empire. The Black Eagles are strong with black magic and axes. Still, they lack other aspects and could use the abilities other house members can offer. For example, the Black Eagles could use more Tank Units.

This is why the game offers you the possibility of recruiting outside your chosen House to balance the roles or bring in interesting powers and combinations to the table. Because Fire Emblem has many possible recruits, some stand out from the rest and become an integral unit to the Black Eagles.

Things To Know Before You Start Recruiting

It’s not possible to recruit a House Leader or their right hand (at least, it is very hard to do so), but you can recruit the remaining members of another House by:

  • Reaching the level and rank required for a specific Stat and Skill.
  • Reaching a Level C Support or higher (achievable by interacting with a character and giving them lots of gifts). Doing so makes the character drop the required level for the Stat and Skill the favor.

Now with that clear, let’s explore the possible recruits!

Lysithea – The Glass Cannon

Lysithea from Golden Deer is the first unit anyone would want to recruit. Lysithea is a powerhouse with growth rates up to 60 in two stats: Magic and Dexterity. When she goes to the battlefield, she can nuke enemies left and right and perform a double attack.

She also has access to the Mastermind ability that allows her to have double level-ups in her Skills per combat. Her biggest weakness is that she has zero defenses.


Lysithea is one of the few characters to have good Support with Edelgard, and a Level C or higher can be well used to lower her requirement from B+ Rank in Faith Skill to a C Rank.

You must also have a Magic Stat of at least 15-20. It is possible to recruit her with Edelgard present after defeating her in Chapter 14, but you should recruit her earlier.

Leonie – The Tank Archer

Leonie is a student in the Golden Deer House. She is an excellent choice for a Tank Unit with her high defensive power and speed, being capable of double attacks. She has good growth rates in Strength (40), Dexterity (55), and Speed (60) and also has the Rivalry ability which allows her to deal +2 damage to the enemy while receiving -2 damage when fighting alongside a male ally. Moreover, she is the ideal character to be a Bow Knight Class.


Reaching a Level C in Support, the player must have a Strength Stat of 15-20 and a C Rank in the Lance Skill.

Felix – The Lone Wolf

Another character that should not be missed when recruiting for the Black Eagles is Felix, originally from the Blue Lions House. Felix is a character with great potential with growth rates of 50 in Strength, 45 in Dexterity, and 55 in Speed. He also has his Lone Wolf ability that causes +5 damage to the enemy when the battalion’s endurance is 0 or the unit is alone.


Felix is a challenging character to recruit, as he requires a B+ Rank in the Sword Skill and a 15 or higher in the Speed Stat, so if you want him, you should work on getting a Level C Support or higher with him. Keep in mind that his favorite gifts are Smoked Meat or a Ceremonial Sword. He likes spicy food and swords, as you can see.

Mercedes – The Best Healer

Mercedes from the Blue Lions House is said to be the greatest Healer in the game, and of course, she makes a fantastic addition as a second healer for the Black Eagles and also adds more survivability to the team.

Her most notable growth rates are 45 in Dexterity and 50 in Magic. Perfect for reaching the Holy Knight class. She has her Live To Serve ability which makes the unit heal herself as she heals her allies.


Mercedes requires a Magic Stat of 15-20 and a C Rank in Bow Skill. If you want to lower those requirements, Mercedes likes praying, sweets and flowers, so her favorite gifts are lavender, a goddess statuette, and a tasty baked sweet.

Ingrid – The Melee/Flying Unit

Initially from the Blue Lions, Ingrid provides the Black Eagles with a perfect Flying/Melee Unit as she is good with the sword, flying, and riding. Ingrid is destined to perform as a Pegasus Knight Class if recruited into the Black Eagles. Plus, this allows the player to use Petra in other areas.


Ingrid requires between 15 and 20 in Dexterity and a D Rank in Flying Skill. If you want to reach Level C Support with her to lower the requirements in her stat and skill of preference, give her Smoked Meat or Riding Boots.

Raphael – The Buff Tank

From the Golden Deer House, Raphael is the Heavy Armor/Tank Unit that the Black Eagles need. Along with Edelgard, he adds a lot to the defensive power of the House, plus he is skilled with Axes. He is also the perfect Brawler to pair with Caspar or Bernadetta. Another good thing about Raphael is that you can recruit him for free, that is, without reaching his preferred Status and Skill requirements, if you get a B Rank in Support with him.


Raphael requires 20 in Strength Stat and a C Rank in Heavy Armour Skill. He likes to eat and train.

Ashe – For Lockpicking

Ashe from the Blue Lions is a good choice to recruit for the Black Eagles if you’re looking for a unit with a talent for theft, as Ashe possesses a Lockpick ability that allows him to increase storage by unlocking chests and doors. He can also serve as a secondary archer.


Ashe requires at least 15 in Charm Stat and C Rank in the Lance Skill.

Sylvain – Synergy With Leonie

Finally, Sylvain from the Blue Lions makes a very good couple with Leonie (due to her Rivalry ability), so it is convenient to recruit both of them. Sylvain also has great Support with Dorothea. This character is also very easy to recruit; female Byleth only has to ask him, and he will accept without further resistance, or even better, he himself will ask to join.


Free Recruit for Female Byleth. For Male Byleth, you need 25 in Charm Stat and C Rank in Reason Skill. He likes women and board games, and you can gift him one.

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