Following Recent Toei Animation Hack, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Will Now Release June 11

Following its recent indefinite delay due to Toei Animation being hacked, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero now has a new release date of June 11 in Japan.

Earlier in the month, Toei Animation announced that it was indefinitely delaying the release of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero due to a third-party hack, which led to it shutting down most of its internal functions, including shutting down the online systems, impacting the production schedules of several shows and leading to episodes being delayed. The biggest consequence of the hack was the delay of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, which was supposed to be released on April 22 in Japan and was then delayed indefinitely.

Thankfully, Toei Animation has now announced a brand new release date for the film, June 11, alongside a new trailer. The trailer is mostly made up of the same shots we've already seen, such as Piccolo using his new transformation and Gohan going Super Saiyan 2, but the end of the trailer now features the updated release date.

Sadly, we still don't have a concrete release date for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero outside of Japan. Toei Animation previously said that it was planned for a release this Summer, but it's not clear if the third-party hack will have also affected the release date outside of Japan. We might have to keep waiting to find out when Super: Super Hero will be available worldwide.

Although the new trailer doesn't reveal too much more about the film, the appearance of a large mechanical egg, as well as the fact that the film focuses on the Red Ribbon Army, has some fans speculating that the final villain of the film is Cell, who has yet to make a proper reappearance in Dragon Ball since the Cell Saga. A new line of toys has supported this theory, as Ichiban Kuji is releasing first-form Cell and Yardrat Goku figures alongside new figures of Gohan and Piccolo from the movie.

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