Forget graphics or games – PlayStation fans care most about the PS5’s price tag

The Sony PS5 news is still a no-show, despite desperate fans searching high and low for any new bytes of information about the incoming console.

Even though it seems that Sony itself has not decided on the actual price point of the upcoming console yet, it appears to be the most important factor to players eager to pick the new console up at launch.

At least, that's according to a tweet from Mortal Kombat 11 developer Ed Boon – one of the creative minds over at NetherRealm.

Boon put a question about the PlayStation 5 out to his followers (largely Mortal Kombat fans and keen gamers) that suggested that price is the most important factor in the launch of the new hardware.

Boon's tweet asked players ”Next Gen consoles… What’s the most important thing for you?”

The poll Boon published included four options:

• Affordable-price
• Better graphics
• Exclusive games
• Plays last-gen games

Though the results were relatively even, there was one clear winner: affordability.

37.5% of the Twitter users that responded to the poll believed that the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X need to have affordable prices.

30%, though, consider backwards compatibility the most important element of next-gen tech – an interesting figure, considering this generation's take on backwards compatibility was completely missing at launch.

19.2% of respondents would prefer to see updated graphics over anything else, and finally, 13.2% want killer exclusive games next-gen.

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It's not a small sample size, either. This poll was answered by well over 50,000 people – a pretty significant sample size, and something that we're willing to bet Microsoft and Sony have been observing keenly.

Last year, our own Daily Star exclusive poll revealed that most PlayStation fans would pay more than the PS4, PS4 Pro or even the PS3 in order to buy the PS5.

The results, which was based on over 6000 votes, showed that only 29% of voters were unwilling to pay more than the launch price of the PS4 at £349.

Whether Sony will live up to that number remains to be seen – we'll keep you updated as soon as the company reveals more information.

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