Fortnite Announces Season-Ending Collision Event On June 4

Even though Dr. Strange was arguably the focal point when Fortnite's current season launched earlier this year, it has really been all about the war between The Seven and the IO. If you have no idea what that means, it's probably too late to catch you up at this point. The battle between the two groups has been going on for almost as long as Fortnite has been around, and on June 4, they will collide in what is bound to be a spectacular season finale.

Epic confirmed today that the current season (Chapter 3, Season 2) will reach its end on June 4. At 4 pm on June 4, to be exact, as that's when the season-ending Collision event will begin. As is usually the case, the name of the event is pretty much all we have to go on at this point. That word alone does give a lot away though, as this entire season has been building to a monumental collision between the aforementioned groups.

“This event will require all hands on deck, so squad up in a party of four and strap in for go-time,” the description reads. Epic also recommends players log in 30 minutes beforehand to make sure they get their spot for the finale. There have been so many millions in attendance for previous in-game Fortnite events, Epic is used to the massive amount of traffic at this point, but it's still worth getting in early just to make sure.

In fact, it's worth logging in hours before the Collision event begins, even if you don't plan on spending your entire Saturday eliminating others to prepare for season two's conclusion. If you log in at any time between 8 am on June 4 and the beginning of the event, you'll receive a free loading screen and music track, both of which will presumably be linked to the event. There will also be Mecha Weapons Team outfits available through the in-game store starting next week so you can show off your allegiance to The Seven.

As highlighted by Epic in its Collision announcement, now is the time to spend those Battle Stars and complete your Battle Pass before this season comes to an end. Once season two ends on June 4, and season three likely begins the following day, everything that can be unlocked through your pass will be gone forever as it is replaced by a new one. As for the potential pull of Collision, with Fortnite (sort of) back on iOS devices thanks to GeForce Now, there's every chance it could be the biggest in-game event to date.

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