Fortnite: Bioluminescence Quest Pack Guide

We've once again reached that point in the season when we're given a new Quest Pack! This is always an exciting time since not only is a new Fortnite skin becoming available, but it also comes with 1,000 V-Bucks. The new Bioluminescence Quest Pack has just gone live, and it's time to start getting its challenges done in order to receive some extra V-Bucks.

Here, you'll find everything there is to know about the Bioluminescence Quest Pack and how you can get its V-Bucks as soon as possible.

How To Get The Bioluminescence Quest Pack

You can either get the Bioluminescence Quest Pack from the Epic Games Store, the Microsoft Store, and the Playstation Store. Or, regardless of the platform, you're playing on, you can purchase the pack in-game by simply opening the Item Shop tab and scrolling down to the very end. The pack will be in the Special Offers & Bundles section of the Item Shop.

The Bioluminescence Quest Pack costs $7.99 — this is the same amount of money that you would spend when purchasing 1,000 V-Bucks, so, technically, for a limited time, if you don't mind doing some quests, you can spend the same and still get the same amount of V-Bucks with an extra skin. Besides the V-Bucks, this pack includes the Lumi Jellie skin, the Shinie Shellie back bling, and Sparkli Scampi harvesting tool.

Lumi Jellie Quests

Right after purchasing the pack, you will be able to claim all the cosmetic items, as well as the Lumi Jellie quests that you will then have to complete in order to unlock V-Bucks. Check out the Quests tab in the Map menu to take a look at the first stage. There are four quest stages in total, and each stage will unlock a higher number of V-Bucks.



Stage 1 – Complete Daily Bonus Objectives (3)

100 V-Bucks

Stage 2 – Complete Daily Bonus Objectives (5)

200 V-Bucks

Stage 3 – Complete Daily Bonus Objectives (7)

300 V-Bucks

Stage 4 – Complete Daily Bonus Objectives (10)

400 V-Bucks

You can only complete a maximum of three Daily Bonus Objectives per day in Fortnite. So, in order to get the 1,000 V-Bucks as soon as possible, you'd have to complete them all and it would take you four days. If you don't have much time on your hands, don't worry: there is no time limit when it comes to finishing these quests.

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