Fortnite Fans Think That Epic Is Teasing A Lord Of The Rings Crossover

Fortnite might be teasing a Lord of the Rings crossover. A reference to one of the most famous scenes from both the books and movies can be found on the Island right now, and fans think it could be a hint of things to come.

Head on down to the beach near the Rock family home, and you’ll find a cute diorama of a sandcastle (which is probably made of sandstone, given the location and likely builder) where two armies of soda cans and bottles are facing off in deadly sugar-filled combat. The sandcastle behind one of the armies has a large hole in it with scorch marks implying some sort of explosion.

Fans have noted that this sandcastle bears a striking resemblance to Helm’s Deep, the keep built into a gorge and site of a massive battle between the forces of humanity and Sarumon’s army.

Combine that with information we received from Fortnite leaker @MidaRado about a potential Lord of the Rings collab being announced next week, and it's easy to see why fans might think the two are related.

However, @MidaRado also mentioned Doom as a potential crossover, and given the fact it’s QuakeCon this weekend, Doom64 is available for free on the Epic Games Store, and Fall Guys recently received its Doom-themed costumes, it seems slightly more likely that a Doom crossover will come before any Lord of the Rings crossovers.

There’s also the matter of Embracer’s recent purchase of the intellectual property rights to The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Embracer certainly seems like an open enough company to work with Epic Games on a crossover, but it also might not have had the time to work out the legal details in the middle of its $770 million spending spree.

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