Fortnite: How To Complete Tarana’s Spire Quests

Spire Quests are progressively being released throughout Fortnite Season 6. You need to complete all of these quests if you want to unlock Raz’s Glyph Master style.

They are also Epic quests (Purple rarity) meaning that they count towards the progression of several other challenges that require you to get a certain amount of these quests done. It’s good to complete quests since they tend to give large amounts of experience points, making it easier and much faster to get through the Battle Pass.

Tarana is the one that has certain tasks for the player this time around. She is known around the island as a scavenger. Tarana is an NPC that you can interact with as well as a Battle Pass skin that players can unlock once they reach tier 29.

Complete 5 Uncommon Or Rarer Quests

Before getting access to all of the other quests, you’ll actually have to complete 5 Uncommon or Rarer quests. We have a list that contains all progressive Rare quests available in the game, and completing any of these stages will count towards this challenge.

Uncommon quests are the Green rarity quests. So, completing any quest besides Common quests (Grey rarity) will count towards your progress in this stage of the Tarana’s Spire Quests.

Find Tarana

Now, there will be a new quest for you to complete. It will tell you that Tarana has something you need. You’ll have to actually find and talk to her. Drop somewhere near Boney Burbs since that’s where she will be.

Tarana hangs around a building with a green roof. It is west of the gas station. A speech bubble will appear on your map once you’re in the same location as she is.

Approach her so you can interact with her. Select the “The Spire” interaction.

Collect Artifacts For Tarana

Once you’ve spoken to Tarana, she will want you to find three artifacts for her. The artifacts are also in Boney Burbs. Content creator MeetLootLlama has made a map of the region with the artifacts marked on it.

Make sure to explore the POI carefully and come prepared since it’s usually a busy area. Boney Burbs is located in the same location as Tilted Towers and Salty Towers used to be. You can also do this in the Team Rumble game mode.

Return To Tarana

The quest will update after you’ve collected all the artifacts. Go back to Tarana and speak to her once again. She will let you know that, unfortunately, she cannot keep her promise since the device was stolen.

Find The Thief

Raz is the one that has stolen the device and Tarana wants you to find him. Head to Colossal Crops.

Raz can be spoken to in the large building, north of the fields. Once again, just interact with him and select “The Spire.”

Raz will now give you his own set of challenges and you will have completed all the Tarana Spire Quests.

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