Fortnite Season 4 leak hints at the return of planes and not everyone's happy

Yet another Fortnite leak has emerged, ahead of the launch of Chapter 3 Season 4 in a few days. 

It looks like Epic Games is planning to bring back a widely hated vehicle from Chapter 1, just to stir things up as the new Fortnite season is set to start on September 18. 

Planes have resurfaced a few times since then, but it seems like they might now become a permanent addition to the map.

While some players enjoy using them, others have complained they’re overpowered and give too much of an advantage to skilled pilots.

‘It’s like I get excited for new and old vehicles, then I remember they all take fuel nowadays,’ says Notyouraveragegeorge on Reddit.

‘I hope they change the planes fuel system, since like four or five boosts and its already useless,’ adds Sir_CrazyLegs.

While LucyDeathmetal states simply: ‘Ugh, planes are what made me quit last time.’

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