Fortnite: Where To Find Shadow Posters For Deadpool

Week six of Fortnite‘s Deadpool challenges requires players to find and deface recruitment posters. Here’s where to find them and how to complete the challenge.

It has been six weeks since Deadpool arrived in Fortnite. Each week, the masked Marvel anti-hero has been issuing his own unique challenges to Battle Pass owners. They tend to be a little easier than the regular challenges, and some of them don’t even require players to compete in a match such as retrieving Deadpool’s three lost chimichangas.

Each week, completing Deadpool’s challenges will unlock a special Deadpool-themed item. The hope is that eventually, completing all of these challenges will result in a Deadpool skin being unlocked. Rumor has it that the skin will come with the completion of week seven’s challenges, so not long to wait if true.

Frenzy Farm is the best place to land to get Deadpool’s latest challenge done as quickly and easily as possible. There are three posters there, all of which are pretty close together. Defacing the images does not require players to equip a spray as one of their emotes. Simply approach the poster and interact with it. An animated image of Deadpool will appear on the poster if the interaction has been successful.

Six weeks down and only one week to go, if the rumors are true, that is. By this time next week, most players could be traversing the island wearing Deadpool skins. We personally hope that the challenge is a tricky one so that not everyone can complete it as easily as they have the others. Then again, a round of Fortnite where every single player is dressed as Deadpool would be pretty entertaining.

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