Fortnite: Where To Find The Legendary Hunting Rifle During Season 2

Fortnite‘s Legendary Hunting Rifle is so rare some players refuse to believe it exists but trust us, it’s out there.

The second season of Fortnite‘s second chapter was a long time coming. So long that Season 1 is now in the books as the longest Fortnite season ever. Epic Games has made it worth the wait, adding all sorts of new things to Fortnite for the new season. One of the main additions is the map’s new locations and the minibosses that can be found guarding them.

Tackling these minibosses is not just something for bored players to do while they wait for real competition. Some of them are pretty difficult to defeat and when they are finally slain, the rewards will have been worth all of that effort. Defeated bosses will drop a keycard. That keycard will unlock a nearby vault loaded with loot.

There will be all sorts of goodies inside the vault, including some sort of legendary weapon. The boss will also drop their mythical weapon for players to pick up once they’ve been beaten. After hearing talk of its existence, many Fortnite players assumed this was how to get their hands on the new legendary Hunting Rifle. However, the extremely rare weapon is neither hidden in a vault or in the possession of a miniboss.

So few players have managed to find the rifle that some still believe it doesn’t actually exist. We can confirm that the weapon is real, but finding it is not easy. The rifle has no exact drop point, which means it’s just a case of getting lucky. Players will need to search as many chests as possible and hope that they happen upon it. Either that or eliminate someone who has one and steal it from their dropped loadout.

Going above and beyond to try and find one of these elusive rifles is definitely worth it. Clean shots to an enemy’s body do 100 damage, and a well-placed headshot will take off 250 HP. It packs quite the punch. It’s no wonder they are so hard to find. How about an LTM with nothing but legendary Hunting Rifles sometime soon, Epic? Depending on the accuracy of the players involved, that stipulation would make for some pretty short rounds.

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