Fortnite’s Team Rumble Exploit Lets Players Easily Rack Up 80,000 XP

There are many ways to accumulate XP in Fortnite from completing challenges to eliminating as many players as possible. When it comes to challenges, some will be worth more XP than others. Some will also require varying amounts of effort, and occasionally, a challenge worth a significant amount of XP requires almost no effort at all.

Discovered by Guille_GAG, the challenge they've found a workaround for is one that appears regularly in Fortnite's challenge list. “Play matches”, so an easy one to complete even without the exploit. Usually, the challenge will register that a match has been played when you deploy your glider, or the first time you deploy your glider if you can do it more than once per match.

There appears to be a glitch that registers a match being played every time your glider is deployed. As demonstrated below, while there are a few ways you can get more than one glider trip in a single match, the two easiest are playing Team Rumble, or having the Aerialist Augment activated.

If you have the Aerialist Augment, you will be able to redeploy your glider as many times as you like, registering a match played every time you do it. In Team Rumble, Fortnite will think you have started a new match every time you're eliminated and respawn. Finally a perk for players who are terrible at Team Rumble and get eliminated before they have even hit the floor.

There's a very real chance that Epic Games has gotten wind of this glitch and patched it out of the game by the time you read this. Check it anyway as if not, this will be a very easy way to complete the challenge and add 80,000 XP to your season's total. That'll bring you 80,000 XP closer to the player who has already hit level 1,000 this season, taking less than three weeks to get there.

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