Genshin Impact: Best Team Compositions For Fischl

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No matter how peaceful things can get, there will always be those who cause trouble. And when you've got troublemakers running around, you've got people who dedicate their lives to finding and stopping them. In Genshin Impact, the world of Teyvat may seem peaceful while you're traveling and exploring, but you'll need to do whatever you can with your selected team members to keep it that.

While the roster of characters will be filled with a variety of knights, warriors, wanderers, and more, you'll also have the odd member of law enforcement. There are also characters like Fischl, who are dedicated to finding the truth.

Who Is Fischl?

Despite existing in an era of medieval fantasy with a combination of magic and science innovation, there are those working to maintain order. Fischl is one such character, acting as a lead investigator for the Adventurers' Guild.

Based in Mondstadt, she prefers to act alone chasing down leads that seem unbelievable in theory. During her adventures, she's joined by her night raven companion, Oz, who adds to her power. She draws strength from the Electro element, attacks with a bow, and can serve as a DPS lead.

The Best Team For Fischl

Even though she's a ranged fighter, Fischl is quite a strong attacker. She can bring Oz into the fray with Nightrider to repeatedly attack targets, and her Midnight Phantasmagoria directs him to boost Fischl's mobility and hit on contact. With ranged power, you'll need a team to go the distance.


To add some artillery to a ranged fighter, it's good to have someone who can wield magical abilities. Mona can do that very well, with her catalyst-powered Hydro element. Being a DPS herself, she can add her attacks to Fischl's own.

Her Mirror Reflection Of Doom draws enemy fire while dealing damage in return, and her Stellaris Phantasm can be used to ensnare opponents, so they're prone to concentrated strikes. Mona can make a big splash with Fischl's precision shots.


Even though Fischl is able to stay out of the fray with her bow attacks and Oz's help, she's still going to occasionally take damage. As such, it's good to have someone who can support and heal, just like the sword-wielding Pyro user, Bennett.

He's a capable fighter, but his skills also allow him to aid the active party member. While his Passion Overload lets him charge attacks that can launch opponents, it's his Fantastic Voyage that really comes into its own. It can create a field of HP regeneration that can also boost your character's attack power.


It's good to have variety in your attackers, and sometimes the best partner for a ranged fighter like Fischl is another. It's a good idea to recruit Ganyu, a Cryo-using bow-wielder. Unlike Fischl, who relies on Oz for additional attacks and power, Ganyu is able to use her abilities to draw in enemies while firing from cover.

Her Trail Of The Qilin creates an Ice Lotus that taunts enemies into attacking while responding with AoE attacks, and Celestial Shower creates a field that will consistently cast down ice shards for more area damage.

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