Genshin Impact: Best Team Compositions For Sucrose

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Sucrose is a highly curious alchemist who specializes in bio-alchemy in Genshin Impact. She holds Albedo, her mentor, in high regard and considers him to be one of the best alchemists in the world. She loves to discover the secrets of the world around her so much that she sometimes works till she passes out.

She is an incredible Anemo support character and a worthy rival of her 5-star counterparts like Venti and Kazuha. She is a Catalyst user and even her Normal Attacks deal Anemo damage. She is mostly used as a support character, but you can also try to use her as a main DPS if you enjoy playing her.

F2P Sucrose Team

The popular 4-star only team, popularly known as the National Team, is one of the best team compositions for Sucrose. This team is especially great for all free-to-play and new players trying to tackle the end-game content. Sucrose will be replacing the Cryo character Chongyun, to enhance the overall Elemental Mastery and increase Vaporize damage.

Xiangling is the main DPS and will be on-field most of the time. Her Elemental Burst, Pyronado, does AoE Pyro damage and Vaporizes with every hit. On the other hand, Xingqiu is the Hydro Sub DPS character in the team. Due to his Elemental Burst and consistent Hydro Application, he can be considered a pseudo 5-star character.

Bennett and Sucrose are the ultimate support characters in this team. Bennett’s Elemental Burst not only heals your active character but also provides a significant attack buff to any character in the field. Sucrose is used for Crowd Control and grouping enemies together. Her Anemo abilities reduce the Elemental resistance of enemies and provide Swirl damage over time.

CharacterRecommended WeaponRecommended Artifact Set
XianglingThe CatchCrimson Witch of Flames
XingqiuSacrificial SwordEmblem of Severed Fate
SucroseSacrificial FragmentsViridescent Venerer
BennettFestering DesireNoblesse Oblige

Elemental Mastery Buffer Sucrose

This is one of the most popular team compositions for players who have been playing for a long time and have invested time and money in the game. In this team, Hu Tao is the main DPS and Xingqiu again will provide Hydro support. With Sucrose and Zhongli providing additional buffs.

Xingqiu and Sucrose are used for the same purposes as the F2P Sucrose team. But in this team, Hu Tao is used for high single target damage using her normal and charged attacks. Apart from that, her Elemental Burst also deals AoE damage making her a much better choice than Xiangling.

Since Hu Tao has a specific playstyle and needs to be under 50 percent HP, we can’t really use a healer in this team. Instead, Zhongli provides the strongest shields in the game and debuffs enemies. His Elemental Burst also petrifies enemies and gives you an opportunity to reposition or set up more combos.

CharacterRecommended WeaponRecommended Artifact Set
Hu TaoStaff of HomaCrimson Witch of Flames
XingqiuSacrificial SwordNoblesse Oblige
SucroseSacrificial FragmentsViridescent Venerer
ZhongliFavonius LanceTenacity of the Millelith

Sucrose Freeze Team

If you want a break from all the Pyro-based teams and want to try out something different, then you can opt for this double Cryo team. This whole team is based around a Cryo DPS like Ayaka or Ganyu and another Cryo support like Chongyun or Shenhe. The Elemental Resonance by using two Cryo characters is also a huge help.

The Cryo support character is used for the preliminary Cryo application which can be Swirled by Sucrose to debuff enemies. Xingqiu is used for his Hydro element to actually freeze enemies. You can also use Mona as an alternative if you want more AoE damage.

After all the buffs and Elemental Bursts are used, you can switch to your Cryo DPS, Ayaka, or Ganyu to finish it off. Sucrose and her Anemo abilities play an important role in grouping up enemies and reducing their Elemental Resistance.

CharacterRecommended WeaponRecommended Artifact Set
AyakaMistsplitter ReforgedBlizzard Strayer
ShenheCalamity QuellerBlizzard Strayer
SucroseSacrificial FragmentsViridescent Venerer
XingqiuSacrificial SwordNoblesse Oblige

True Sucrose Connoisseur Team

This team is for the true Sucrose fans and for players who want to try using her as the main DPS. You need to have a C4 Sucrose to make this work properly. Along with the usual buffs, C4 reduces the cooldown of her Elemental Skill when you use her Normal Attacks. This means that she will be on-field most of the time with others playing a support role.

Fischl and Beidou provide Electro Element resonance and deal consistent Electro damage. Fischl even acts as a battery for Beidou to ensure continuous uptime on her Elemental Burst. Fischl’s Elemental Skill is a key part of this team as it is very easy to have Oz on the field most of the time.

The combination of these Electro characters and Xingqiu will trigger Electro-charged reactions. All three support characters have abilities that remain active even if they are switched out. So when you switch to Sucrose, she increases their overall damage with her amazing Crowd Control and Anemo abilities.

CharacterRecommended WeaponRecommended Artifact Set
SucroseSkyward AtlasViridescent Venerer
FischlThe StringlessThundering Fury
BeidouSerpent SpineEmblem of Severed Fate
XingqiuSacrificial SwordNoblesse Oblige

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