Genshin Impact: Best Weapons For Tighnari

Genshin Impact's roster includes some impressive bow users like Amber and Venti, but Tighnari is the first Dendro Elemental user to wield a bow. Dendro is plant-based and is affiliated with the Archon Lesser Lord Kushanali of Sumeru, which is where Tighnari calls home. This Element is able to react with Electro, Pyro, and Hydro.

When selecting a weapon for Tighnari, you want to focus on his two main areas of weakness: low damage when he attacks without Elemental reactions or resonances, and ineffectiveness when he’s off the battlefield. Luckily, both of these can be corrected with the same solution: a bow that increases damage and attack stats.

10 The Prototype Crescent – Four Stars

The great thing about the Prototype Crescent – aside from being a decent weapon – is that you can forge it yourself at the blacksmith’s shop once you collect the ingredients. This means you don’t have to work as hard to get it for Tighnari.

Depending on his level, the Prototype Crescent will increase his Base Attack between 42 and 510, then add another nine to 41.3 percent Attack with the substat. Whenever Tighnari hits a target with his Charged Attack, his Movement Speed will get a bonus of ten percent for ten seconds, and his Attack gets another 36 percent increase for the same time span.

9 The Stringless – Four Stars

You’ll be able to pull The Stringless from Wishes at a regular rate. Once you have it for Tighnari, he’ll get a boost to his Base Attack between 42 and 510, depending on his level in the game. This bow also has a substat of an extra 36 to 165, also determined by level, to Elemental Mastery.

The Stringless gives Tighnari a 24 percent increase to both his Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst damage. This will definitely make him stronger in battle without needing to create reactions with teammates.

8 The Viridescent Hunt – Four Stars

The Viridescent Hunt is a great bow to have, but it is tougher to obtain since it’s only available through the Gnostic Hymn (paid) section of the Battle Pass. If you are able to snag it, though, it will boost Tighnari’s Base Attack between 42 and 510, like The Stringless and Prototype Crescent.

The secondary stat is Crit Rate, which will see between a six percent and 27.6 percent boost. Tighnari will also have a 50 percent chance of creating a Cyclone with his Normal and Aimed Shots, which in turn will attract enemies to deal 40 percent of his Attack as damage.

7 The Windblume Ode – Four Stars

The Windblume Ode is another bow that may be harder for you to obtain because it’s only available through the Invitation of Windblume Event. If you manage to grind enough to get it, it will give Tighnari an extra 42 to 510 Base Attack, depending on his level.

This bow has a secondary stat of Elemental Mastery, giving him a 36 to 165 boost there, as well. Whenever Tighnari uses his Elemental Skill, he’ll get a Boon from the ancient wish of Windblume that gives him another 16 percent Attack for six seconds.

6 The Skyward Harp – Five Stars

The Skyward Harp is a common recommendation for bow characters in Genshin Impact, and for good reason. As a five-star weapon, you can pull it from Wishes (with a slightly lower success rate than others). This bow will increase Tighnari’s Base Attack by a range of 48 to 674, and his Crit Rate between 4.8 and 22.1 percent.

The Skyward Harp increases Crit damage by 20 percent for the wielder and gives hits a 60 percent chance of inflicting AoE Attack damage.

5 The Thundering Pulse – Five Stars

Obtained through Weapon Event Wishes, the Thundering Pulse will give Tighnari a 46 to 608 Base Attack boost, and his Crit damage a 14.4 to 66.2 percent increase.

Using this bow will increase his Attack by 20 percent on top of the other stat boosts. The Thundering Pulse also has the Might of the Thunder Emblem which can be stacked up to three times for a 40 percent boost to his Normal Attack damage.

4 The Polar Star – Five Stars

The Polar Star is also available through the Weapon Event Wishes, and gives a Base Attack boost ranging from 46 to 608 based on Tighnari’s level. The substat will increase his Crit Rate between 7.2 to 33.1 percent.

Polar Star gives a 12 percent increase to Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst, and after either of these – or a Normal or Charged Attack – Tighnari gains Ashen Nightstar. This can be stacked up to four times for a 40 percent boost to his Attack.

3 The Elegy for the End – Five Stars

Elegy for the End is available through the Weapon Event Wishes. If you’re lucky enough to pull it, it comes with a Base Attack boost between 46 and 608, as well as a substat of 12 to 55.1 percent more Energy Recharge.

Along with stat increases for battle, Tighnari’s Elemental Mastery will go up by 60, as well. When he hits an enemy with either his Elemental Skill or Burst, he gains the Sigil of Remembrance, which can be triggered even when he’s off-field. Once he’s collected four, the team will consume them to create Millennial Movement: Farewell Song for 12 seconds. This will increase his Elemental Mastery by 100 and his Attack by 20 percent.

2 The Aqua Simulacra – Five Stars

Like many of the five-star bows, the Aqua Simulacra is obtainable through Weapon Event Wishes. It will boost Tighnari’s Base Attack between 44 and 542, depending on his level, and his Crit damage between 19.2 to 88.2 percent through the substat.

Aqua Simulacra increases HP by 16 percent, and if there are any enemies close by Tighnari gets a bonus 20 percent damage. This effect can be triggered on and off the battlefield.

1 The Hunter’s Path – Five Stars

Obtained through Weapon Event Wishes, Hunter’s Path elevates the Base Attack between 44 and 542, and Crit Rate between 9.6 to 44.1 percent, both depending on Tighnari’s level.

When using Hunter’s Path, all Elemental damage gets a bonus of 12 percent. Hitting an enemy with a Charged Attack will trigger the Tireless Hunt effect which increases the Charged Attack damage by 160 percent of Tighnari’s Elemental Mastery.

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