Genshin Impact: Calla Lily Locations And Farming Routes

Calla Lilies are an important resource in Genshin Impact. Used both for ascension and for crafting, these bitter flowers will quickly become a mainstay in your inventory. However, there are only a few places you can find a Calla Lily in Teyvat – otherwise, you could look for hours with no success.

Here’s everything you need to know about finding a Calla Lily in Genshin Impact.

Where To Find Calla Lilies

Unlike some resources in Genshin Impact, there are a couple of different locations that are home to the Calla Lily. If you’re looking for the flower, make sure to check out these locations:

  • Lakes: Calla Lilies can often be found around lakes. If you’re out in the middle of nowhere and need to find them fast, head to the nearest body of water and search around its shore. Popular lakes for farming Calla Lily include Starfell Lake and its surrounding ponds, Dadaupa Gorge, and the bodies of water behind Dawn Winery.
  • Springvale: In particular, Springvale Lake is known to contain several Calla Lilies and is arguably the easiest way to farm a few flowers before heading out on your next adventure.
  • Flora In Mondstadt: If you’d rather not go out hunting for the resource, you can purchase up to five Calla Lilies from Flora, owner of the Floral Whisper in Mondstadt.

How To Farm Calla Lily

While you’re bound to stumble upon a few Calla Lilies if you visit the above locations, it’s best to follow a set pattern to quickly farm massive quantities. In order to farm dozens of Calla Lily in a short amount of time, we’d recommend the following pattern:

  • Teleport to Starfell Valley in Mondstadt and search the small pond to the north of Starfell Lake.
  • Teleport directly to Starfell Lake and collect two more Calla Lily on the opposite side.
  • Search the small pond near Thousand Winds Temple, directly west of the closest Teleport location.
  • Move to Dadaupa Gorge where you’ll find four more Calla Lilies.
  • Teleport to Springvale and search Springvale Lake’s perimeter – where you’ll find another ten or so Calla Lilies.
  • Bounce over to Dawn Winery and search the body of water directly to the south. Its southern shores are where you’ll find the highest density of flowers.

There are certainly plenty of other locations that are home to Calla Lilies, but this simple pattern should net you more than 20 Calla Lilies within the span of a few minutes. If you’re looking for just a handful of flowers, it’s best to hop over to Starfell Lake – as there’s bound to be a few ripe for the picking.

Calla Lily Uses In Genshin Impact

Stocking up on Calla Lilies is important for a variety of reasons. If you’re looking to ascend Diona or Kaeya, you’ll need to have the flower on hand as part of the ascension process. You’ll also want to keep Calla Lily in your inventory at all times, as it can be used to craft Calla Lily Seafood Soup – which temporarily increases your party’s defense. And, if you’re cooking the soup as Tartaglia, there’s a good chance the dish will come out as A Prize Catch instead of Calla Lily Seafood Soup – which provides a stronger defensive buff.

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