Genshin Impact: How To Unlock And Fight Jadeplume Terrorshroom

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The world of Genshin Impact is huge, and it gets bigger with constant updates by HoYoverse. As there are multiple different areas to explore in the game, there are also some world bosses guarding some of these areas. These bosses provide valuable materials to ascend and level up your characters.

Upon the release of Version 3.0 in the game, a new main region called Sumeru got released, and it also got some new world bosses in the area. Jadeplume Terrorshroom is one such boss, found in the rainforest part of the region.

How To Find Jadeplume Terrorshroom

If you've just started playing Genshin Impact, it'll be a while for you to find this boss. Jadeplume Terrorshroom is located at the very top-left part of Sumeru and only gets revealed once you interact with the Statue of the Seven near it. The main reason to find this boss is Dendro crystals and the exclusive Majestic Hooked Beak.

Once you get near the boss, you'll find out that he's not on the actual mainland but underground. On your mini-map, you will see a purple circle signifying the location of the portal to take you to this location. You can either use the jumping mushroom below it or simply grapple to it to get teleported near the boss.

Once you head through the portal, make sure you head back and unlock the Teleport Waypoint on the other side. This makes it so you don't have to go all the way around every time you want to defeat this boss for its materials.

How To Defeat Jadeplume Terrorshroom

This boss is truly majestic, even his idle walking animation would attract attention. Since this is the first Dendro boss, it has its specialties that directly link to how Dendro works. Although, this boss will definitely feel easier after Golden Wolflord or Maguu Kenki from Inazuma.

If you apply Electro on the boss, it increases its Activation power, which is shown on the top just below his health bar. If this gets charged fully, the boss will go into an Activated mode where it'll be much more aggressive. On the other hand, applying Pyro can decrease the charge for this mode.

If you bring this charge down to zero, it'll go into a burnt state where it'll spawn Fungi around itself to try to regain its normal state. During this animation, the boss is completely vulnerable, and you can constantly attack it to deal a lot of damage.

To easily defeat this boss, players will need to make a team around Pyro characters or a simple team with no Pyro or Electro. Fortunately, this world boss doesn't have a lot of teleportation abilities, so you can easily brute force it if you must.

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