Genshin Impact: How To Unlock The Underwater Waypoint In Sumeru

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Version 3.0 update saw the release of Sumeru, the fourth main region in Genshin Impact. Hoyoverse has managed to capture the essence and details of both a desert and rainforest region, and they've topped it off amazingly with phenomenal music and exploration.

Being the land of wisdom, it was expected that Sumeru would have particularly difficult puzzles that would leave your head scratching. If you've walked around this land, you've probably noticed a submerged Teleport Waypoint without any way to dive in and unlock it. Instead, you're supposed to go through a massive puzzle. Here's what you need to do.

How To Unlock The Teleport Waypoint

The Waypoint in question can be found in the Vissudha Field region of Sumeru, on the left side of the Statue of the Seven. When you look at it on the map, you'll notice that it's in the middle of a lake — upon reaching the area, you'll find the Waypoint deep within the water.

You'll be surprised by the amount of work you have to do in order to unlock this Waypoint. First, head over to the eastern bank of the waterfall that the Teleport Waypoint is in. Here, you'll need to climb up in order to find a blocked dice-shaped mechanism.

Beside the mechanism there'll be a couple of Ruin Machines that'll wake up when you get close. Simply defeat the machines and the mechanism will unlock. Interact with it to drain the water for the first time, out of two needed.

Right above the mechanism you'll find a Seelie that will guide you to your next checkpoint. This is one of the harder Seelie to follow as it leads you through water, and you can easily run out of stamina. Follow the Seelie into a cave, where you'll find the bigger puzzle.

The path the Seelie will make you follow is long and filled with water. Thankfully, there are multiple ways to regain stamina. You can find little corners or branches on the way where you can stand, or you can use the new yellow spheres to regenerate a bit of your stamina. You can also use food items that instantly provide stamina.

Once you're inside the cave, you'll find quite an overwhelming sight — there's a lot to do. The first order of business is to collect the chest spawned by returning the Seelie to its plinth. Next, you'll see a few Treasure Hoarders standing near a door blocked by a Dendro aura.

Defeat these enemies, so they don't bother you as you're solving the puzzle. After that, you'll notice two Dendro elemental pillars in plain sight. One of these will be hidden behind the Dendro aura, and the other one will be in the open beside it.

Activate the Dendro pillar that isn't blocked by the aura first. You can do this by using any Dendro skill on the pillar. Once this is done, head over to the pillar inside the Dendro aura. The solution to this one is easier than it looks.

All Travelers have to do is find a secret passage near the walls of the door with the aura. There are multiple ways to get in, but the easiest one is on the right edge, just above the aura's end at the top. You can enter the room from these passages and activate the pillar, which will remove the barrier as well.

Next, you'll see a few rock structures in the starting region of the cave, near the Seelie deposit. These structures are exclusive to Sumeru. The ones with a green symbol in front of them can only be activated using a Dendrograna, but there are none to be found.

To summon a Dendrograna, you have to interact with another rock structure in the middle that doesn't have the green symbol. These can be identified by the tree branches that engulf them. Another way to identify this structure is by using your Elemental Sight.

Once you've found it, go to the rock and use a Dendro skill near it. This isn't the most intuitive mechanism, but it leads to the rock rising into the air, revealing the required Dendrograna.

Interact with the Dendrograna, and you'll see three petal-shaped things surrounding your character. Next, you need to use a charged attack from any weapon on the rocks with a green symbol on them. After doing that, one of the petals will follow your attack and reach the rocks, unlocking them.

The bow is the best weapon to use with Dendrograna, as you don't need to charge the attacks fully. You can simply hold the shot for less than a second and fire it at the required place, and this counts as a charged attack.

Once these rocks are unlocked, a few Fungi enemies might spawn that you have to defeat. Two of them will also spawn Dendro elemental pillars that you can interact with to unlock the main mechanism in the area. Finally, you can interact with the cube mechanism to lower the water further.

Before going any further, head back out of the cave — this will be easier now the water is gone. When you get back outside, you'll find that the Teleport Waypoint is yours for the taking.

How To Unlock The Fragment Of Childhood Dreams Domain

It is important to unlock the Teleport Waypoint before you embark on the journey to get to the Fragment of Childhood Dreams Domain. There's a high chance you'll have to teleport to prevent drowning, and it's nice to have one nearby.

Once you've done that, head back into the cave and head to the newly unlocked area following the water receding. Here you'll find an Exquisite Chest and a few more Ruin Machines waiting for you. Reap your rewards by claiming the chest.

Defeat the enemies to unlock another interactive mechanism. This will open a doorway, leading further into the ruins. You'll be faced with a bunch of enemies here, including Fungus and Ruin Machines.

As soon as you enter the area, you can either climb the wall in front of you, or you can use the grapple system exclusive to Sumeru. All you have to do is look in its direction and press the required button that is shown at the bottom of your screen, on the right side of your health bar.

Past this, keep following the small path, and you'll stumble upon a Dendroculus. These are the Oculi for the Sumeru region, used to upgrade your Statue of the Seven and give you a ton of rewards — including Primogems.

After following the path for a while, you will reach another drop-down where you'll locate the rock structure that houses the Domain. There's still one more step you need to complete to be able to enter it.

Besides the domain, there's a Dendrograna that can be acquired to get the three petals, as before. This time, you have to shoot at the green ring in front of the Dendro icon within it, as seen in the picture above.

Once you shoot it with Dendrograna, it will move to a new place, and you'll have to repeat the process. This is where the importance of a bow character shines again. Once you've hit the ring enough times, the puzzle will be solved and the Domain will rise from the ground. You can now interact with it to unlock it.

As you look further down, you will see even more water that can be lowered, since there is visible stuff below it. Be careful while going down, as this area has the Withering effect and might drain your HP. That's all you need to unlock the Teleport Waypoint and the one-time Domain in Sumeru.

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