Genshin Impact: Small Lamp Grass Locations And Farming Routes

Small Lamp Grass is an ascension material that can be found around Mondstadt in Genshin Impact. It is relatively easy to find and doesn’t force you to climb any mountains, unlike some other plants in the game. Small Lamp Grass is an item needed in order to ascend Diluc, Amber, and Fischl.

Every player will be given Amber, while Fischl and Diluc are permanently available 4-star and 5-star characters respectively. This makes Small Lamp Grass a great material to add to your harvesting list, and it even counts as a Mondstadt specialty for your weekly battle pass goal.

Where to Find Small Lamp Grass

Small Lamp Grass can be found in various places around Mondstadt and is easy to recognize since it has a blue glow. Players who have Klee on their team can use her to show the locations of all Mondstadt specialties, including small lamp grass.

  • Note that Klee will display a symbol on the map but won’t indicate which specialty it is.

Luckily, Small Lamp Grass is easy to find as there is a large amount of it located in the Whispering Woods. It can also be found in other areas of Mondstadt like Wolvendom and in Stormterror’s Lair.

The Best Small Lamp Grass Farming Route

The first place you will want to stop in your search for Small Lamp Grass is the Whispering Woods. You can begin at the cliff closest to the lake and then follow the curved path above to pluck every plant around. This is best done every couple of days and will only take a few minutes.

Afterward, you can head over to Wolvendom to pick up a few extra plants. Follow the guide above and start near the beach, working your way up to the path and collecting the plants along the way.

Exploring Stormterror’s Lair and around Springvale can also help you find a few extra plants. If you want to grab some in a hurry, you can also purchase them from Flora in the city.

Where To Buy Small Lamp Grass And How Much It Costs

Flora sells five different types of plants, including Small Lamp Grass. You can only buy five plants at a time.

  • Each Small Lamp Grass costs 1,000 mora or 5,000 mora to buy out the store.

Flora will refresh her stock every three days, and it’s always a good idea to stop by and buy her out, even if you don’t currently need to ascend your characters.

Where To Find Flora in Mondstadt

Flora is easy to find; she is located near Mondstadt’s front gate, right below the NPC that is always fawning over Diluc. Just turn right as if you’re going to Angel’s Share once you get into town, and you’ll find her.

She is only available during the daytime hours, so if she isn’t at her shop, just wait until the next day.

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