Genshin Impact: Where To Get Almond Tofu

Between all your fighting, running, climbing, gliding, and general adventuring in Genshin Impact, you may want to relax and cook up a nice meal every now and then. Or, more accurately, the game is going to heavily incentivize you to do so with a daily quest, such as Good Medicine Tastes Bitter, which requires you to whip up some Almond Tofu for a sick child. If you’ve never even heard of this dish, let alone eaten it, you might be missing out on some easy rewards. Here’s where to get Almond Tofu in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: How To Get Almond Tofu

There are two ways to go about satisfying your character’s quest for some Almond Tofu in Genshin Impact: you can find the recipe and cook it yourself, or you can purchase it from a vendor.

Genshin Impact: Almond Tofu Recipe Location

The Almond Tofu recipe can be a major pain to find if you don’t know where to look. First you need to fast travel to the Wangshu Inn, which is south of Dihua Marsh and north of the Guili Plains. Once inside, go to the bottom floor and into the kitchen area. Feel free to loot some of the ingredients while you’re here, but what you’re looking for is a sparkle on what looks like an empty table in the back left of the room. This is where you can pick up the recipe.

The ingredients you will need are:

  1. Three Milk.
  2. One Sugar.
  3. One Almond.

Find yourself a cooking spot and you’ll have a fresh dish of Almond Tofu in no time.

Where To Buy Almond Tofu

If you’re not confident in your cooking abilities, you can always purchase some Almond Tofu. You’ll once again want to get over to the Wangshu Inn and find Verr Goldet. They’re the one behind the desk who runs the inn. Speak to them and ask to buy something to eat. They will sell you an Almond Tofu for 1,550 Mora that you can either hold for yourself, or use to complete the quest.

While purchasing Almond Tofu is certainly easier and faster than learning the recipe and cooking it yourself, being able to make it whenever you want is a better option in the long term. Not only does this quest seem to pop up all the time, but Almond Tofu isn’t a bad food item to use on your own team either. It may not sound all that good, but give it a shot.

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