Geralt Gets Sexy New Armor For The Witcher Season 2

We’re not due to see The Witcher season two until sometime next year, but in the meantime, Netflix is teasing shots of what to expect when Geralt returns for a new season of fun and adventures.

To get us in the mood, Netflix recently tweeted a teaser shot that showcases Geralt’s new armor in season two. The armor definitely looks bulkier than it did in season one, which seemed to have been mostly based on the Kaer Morhen armor that Geralt starts the game with in Witcher 3. This new armor, however, appears to be completely new with no Witcher 3 analog.

It also looks pretty darn good. The leather appears bulky and sturdy, but also flexible thanks to its many segments in the spaulders. It also has a heavy industrial feel thanks to the rivets that dot the entire armor everywhere.

This also doesn’t seem to be the last we’ll see of Geralt. Netflix followed up the armor tweet with the question of “what will destiny bring tomorrow?” which seems a clear indicator that we’re going to get more teasers on Twitter in the coming days.

In other Witcher news, Netflix recently had to recast season two’s Eskel character due to COVID-19-related scheduling issues. Originally played by Thus Ersted Rasmussen, Netflix has replaced him with Basil Eidenbenz. This came shortly after news of crucial season two reshoots that took place earlier in September, likely due to the sudden recasting.

Also confirmed today is Witcher season three thanks to an update on the Writers Guild of America internal database. This seems like a no-brainer given the massive success Netflix experienced with The Witcher, which will likely continue even beyond season three.

And for those more interested in the game version, Witcher 3 will arrive on both the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 next month with faster loading and new graphical features like ray tracing. This will be the ultimate way to experience Witcher 3, so if you’ve been planning on replaying the 2015 classic and also picking up a next-gen console, November will be your month.

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