Get Web-Slinging In Just 7 Seconds, According To Leaked Miles Morales PS5 Video

One of the many benefits touted by Sony is the lightning-fast load times on the PS5. Loading screens are said to become a thing of the past while games will boot up from rest in mere seconds.

But just how fast are we talking about here? There’s a big difference between two seconds and twenty. One is enough time to check your email, while the other is enough time to get up and grab a soda.

In Spider-Man: Miles Morales, it looks like loading times will be closer to checking your email, according to a newly leaked video showing the game loading on a PS5.

The video was posted on Reddit by user nicoreese over the weekend. The post has gained almost 6,000 upvotes, while the original upload on Imgur has been seen almost 4 million times. Sony has been trying to get the post taken down as it breaks the game’s embargo, but it’s hard to get rid of a leaked video once it’s on the world wide web.

Although the video isn’t the best quality, you can see a flat-screen TV that appears to show the PS5’s home UI. Then the user selects Spider-Man: Miles Morales to play, and we wait approximately seven seconds for the game to load in. That’s a vast improvement over the PS4, where most large games typically take around 30 seconds to load from the home screen.

And in case you were wondering, the user is apparently speaking Norwegian.

This seems to confirm earlier reports that Miles Morales will load so fast on the PS5 that it won’t even have loading screens. It’s also just another game to add to the pile of older titles that will take seconds to load on the PS5.

If you can’t wait to get your hands into Miles Morales’ webslingers, take a look at Insomniac’s list of trophies to see what you’re going to be aiming for when Miles Morales arrives on November 12 along with the PS5.

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