Ghost Of Tsushima Has Sold Over 5 Million Copies

Sucker Punch’s evocative open-world action-adventure title Ghost of Tsushima has apparently accumulated sales exceeding five million copies so far.

This is an absolutely insane number, especially considering the game has only been out for four months. In this short time, though, it’s managed to set itself steadily on track to becoming one of the most successful releases for the previous generation of PlayStation.

This figure was revealed in a recent interview held by the New York Times, which also revealed that an even more staggering 51 million copies of God of War have been sold since its own release in 2018. Both games are PlayStation-exclusives, and seeing as the NYT interview was with Sony insiders themselves, we can safely assume these figures are accurate.

Ghost of Tsushima sure has left a big impression on gamers everywhere. And notably, it’s not just Westerners who were charmed by it. The game exceeded sales expectations within Japan itself for one thing, with the public and reviewers alike all raving over it. That is a somewhat promising sign, considering that’s the country wherein the game is actually set and all.

But for reals, it really is particularly impressive when you remember that Sucker Punch is an American studio through and through. But still, they managed to capture the essence of a portion of Japanese history so accurately and respectfully that even some folks – like the chief creative officer at Sega, Toshihiro Nagoshi – admitted that Sucker Punch did it better than many native Japanese studios probably could have.

So it wouldn’t really be that surprising if we learned that 90% of those five million sales all came from Japan alone.

Ghost of Tsushima is available now for PlayStation 4, as well as the freshly-released PlayStation 5. The version for the PS5 will include improvements to frame rate and loading speeds, and will also feature cross-gen compatibility.

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