Ghost Rider Will Be The Next Marvel Hero In Fortnite’s Super Series

The next round of Fornite’s Marvel Knockout Super Series is fast-approaching, and Ghost Rider will be the reward for those who place high enough.

Marvel’s residency in Fortnite has been going on for so long that it’s hard to remember a time when the battle royale game wasn’t Marvel-based. In no way is that a complaint. Many players would argue that Fortnite’s ongoing Marvel season has been the best to date. So much so that it’s hard to envision where exactly the game goes from here once this season comes to an end.

There’s a very real possibility that players get even more Marvel next season and beyond. Again, not a complaint. Epic has offered up a variety of ways for players to get their hands on some fun Marvel-themed skins. Not just characters from the mainstream movies either. The likes of She-Hulk and Dr. Doom have also been introduced.

Another more obscure Marvel hero will be arriving in Fortnite very soon. Ghost Rider. The anti-hero, who many might not even realize is a Marvel character, had his arrival teased on Twitter on Sunday when Fortnite tweeted his silhouette. Just in case people couldn’t figure out who was hiding in the shadows, Fortnite also included skull and fire emojis to complete the partial reveal.

Ghost Rider will be the next skin players can unlock via Fortnite’s Marvel Knockout Super Series. A one-day tournament in which only the best-performing players will be awarded the skin. The first of these competitions took place last month and a Daredevil skin was the reward. The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen came complete with a unique pickaxe, glider, and backbling, so the assumption is Ghost Rider will get all of that too.

Anyone who doesn’t feel confident about placing high enough in the Super Series but desperately wants the Ghost Rider skin, don’t panic. Shortly after players were given the chance to win the Daredevil skin, it was released in the in-game store. Again, although not yet confirmed, the assumption is that the Ghost Rider skin and all of its accouterments will get the same treatment.

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