Ghostrunner’s Switch Port Gets Last-Minute Delay Into November

If you were looking to nab the rather awesome Ghostrunner (a cyberpunk FPS platformer) on Switch today, then I have some bad news for you. Due to a last-minute issue, the port to Nintendo’s hybrid console has been delayed to an undisclosed date in November 2020. The ports on PC, PS4, and Xbox One are all set and ready to go, but the team of developers working to bring this slick action title to a handheld device wanted to make sure players were given the best possible experience.

As such, a delay was in order. It doesn’t seem like All In Games anticipates a lengthy delay as the press release states, “The final date will be announced in the coming days, so please stay tuned for more information.” That’s a bummer if Switch is your only platform or you really wanted this title on the go.

At least I can tell you that I greatly enjoyed the game. Combining influences from many different places, Ghostrunner gels into a stylish and fast-paced whole that is very gripping and always entertaining. It may not be the longest game around -clocking in at only five hours-, but it’s infinitely replayable and highly rewarding.

I’m sure the wait for this Switch version will ensure that it’s the best it can be. I wouldn’t expect a 60 fps lock (the PS4 and Xbox One versions can’t even get that), but a solid 30 fps for a portable game like this is good enough. Now if only we could get gyro controls for swinging your cyber katana.

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