Ghostwire: Tokyo – Best Meika Farming Tips

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  • Completing Side Missions
  • Destroying Golden Crystallized Ethers
  • Defeating The Bigger Guys
  • Nekomata Rewards
  • Find The Prosperity Beads

Meika is the in-game currency in Ghostwire: Tokyo. You’ll use this coin to purchase healing items, outfits, emotes, katashiro, KK’s Notes, and other valuable items. This is why you’ll want to make your wallet explode with meika anytime you can.

At the time of writing this guide, no exploit or bug for farming meika has been discovered. There aren’t easy and quick solutions here. However, there are a bunch of ways to get Meika in the game, and we’ll explore them in this article.

Completing Side Missions

Before starting any side mission, you can open your map, select the mission you want to complete, and check its rewards. All the missions available, including both main and optional ones, will give you meika (among other things) after finishing them.

The amount you can earn goes around 4,000 meika, which will let you buy multiple consumables but won’t be enough for the most expensive items.

Destroying Golden Crystallized Ethers

Everywhere you go, you’ll find golden objects in the form of pots. They can be floating around markets or above rooftops, and they give around 200 and 300 meika when destroyed.

However, the real deal is finding a maneki-neko, the golden cat figure waving its hand. These figures always give you thousands of meika, making them more useful than the pots — although they are harder to find.

You can use Spectral Vision to locate these Crystallized Ethers faster. They will be highlighted in blue, and you can easily recognize them by their shape.

Defeating The Bigger Guys

Around half of the main story missions, you’ll discover a new kind of Visitor: the Relentless Walker. These are deadly evil spirits wearing umbrellas, very fancy clothes, and a big hammer. Apart from being quite the strong fellas, they’ll give you thousands of meika as a reward when beating them.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way of making them spawn repeatedly in one spot. You’ll face Relentless Walker in specific missions (both primary and secondary ones), and also when cleaning some Hyakki Yako (the big Visitors parade). Their chance to appear during normal exploration in the streets of Tokyo is pretty rare.

Nekomata Rewards

While advancing through Chapter 2: Trouble, you’ll discover special stores called “Handicraft Nekomata”, which sells unique items like KK’s Notes, magatama, and more. However, what you should put your attention to is in the Nekomata Relic Requests, available only in these markets.

Basically, each nekomata has their own series of item requests that you need to find for them. The cute cat owner of the store will give you meika depending on the relic you found. There are over 100 relics in total through Ghostwire: Tokyo, and you can earn up to 50,000 meika. This is the most profitable activity you can do in the game, although finding each relic can be hard as they are pretty much everywhere.

Also, these special convenience stores will reward you with special bonuses, such as exclusive outfits and emotes, if you complete multiple requests. You can check your pending ones in the ‘Mission’ menu.

Find The Prosperity Beads

A final tip for earning as much meika as possible is to find some special beads: the Prosperity Beads. When equipped, this item will give you a bonus that will increase the amount of money you'll get, doubling the amount of meika you can earn by breaking Golden Crystallized Ether.

To get this item, you first need to find the Chishima Shrine, located in the west part of the city. After cleaning the correspondent torii gate, you'll be able to enter the shrine and pick up this object.

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