God Of War Ragnarok, The Runaway Walkthrough

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After a brief bout of miscommunication, God of War Ragnarok will place us back in the shoes of Atreus as he ventures forth in an attempt to avert the inevitable. The Runaway quest line will encompass Atreus' journey from the frozen wasteland that is Midgard all the way to the picturesque Asgard.

On your journey, you will take refuge under a giant turtle, and scale a colossal wall. You will also be battling your fair share of the undead—including a brand new enemy type—all while pillaging a healthy number of treasure chests. This guide will ease you through any of the puzzles you encounter and ensure that you collect every last treasure.

Back In Midgard

After exchanging a few unfortunate words with your father, you will stumble through a gate and end up in the frozen wilds of Midgard. Here you are going to battle a large group of Hel-Raiders and a few of these Legion-type enemies. While there are a lot of them, Atreus is not his father, and has the ability to create distance quite easily. Moreover, the arena you fight these enemies in is wide open, so there is a lot of space to work with. Just shoot the legs out from under the Hel-Raiders, and look for headshots while dashing away. Once you clear out this area, search for a log blocking a pathway. Interact with the log, and you will enter into another arena; this time you will be fighting a Wight.

Don't waste your time scouring the wide-open, snowy plains for treasure. There are no chests in any of the Midgard areas.

The Wight is a ghastly new enemy type. This apparition cannot be damaged by magical attacks, so you aren't going to be able to use your runic arrows. Instead, you are going to focus on hitting it with your regular arrows and melee attacks. The Wight will mainly attack with projectiles. All of these can be parried. The Wight does have an attack where it will charge forward and slam into you. This is also parryable, but the timing is tricky. Thankfully, this attack doesn't do a ton of damage.

The Wight also has a blue-bordered attack that can be disrupted with a shield bash. Just hammer the specter with melee attacks, and shoot it with arrows, while parrying its attacks, and it will fall quickly enough. Once you kill the Wight, they will burst into three wisps. Shoot the Wisps with a runic arrow. Then, when they are locked in place, hit them with a melee attack to send them flying. They will explode soon after.

The explosion from the Wisps is a great tool for taking out other enemies (including other Wisps). Atreus is going to encounter a number of these enemies, so keep that in mind.

Now, search for another log, push it down, and you will fight one last batch of enemies. Most notably, you will battle a giant axe-wielding Hel-Raider. While this dude hits hard, and while he cannot be immobilized by shooting his legs out, he is SLOW. So, just aim for headshots while backing away. He will not able to chase down Atreus. So you should be able to take him out effortlessly. Once you clear this area out, you will shimmy across a ledge, and arrive in Sanctuary Grove. Which is Freya's old stomping ground. There isn't a whole lot to do here. Poke around Freya's place, light the fire, and the ravens will take you to Asgard.

The Path To Hrimthur's Wall

Once you arrive in Asgard, you will work your way through a rocky environment. You will be fighting your old friends the Grims here. So, prepare to have acid spat at you, and to deal with plenty of flailing claws. Just focus on shooting the acid-spitting Grims down when they cling to walls and taking the legs out from under their more melee-focused counterparts. There is a chest on the left corner of this arena, so don't leave until you get it.

Travel along the left side of the arena, and you will find a cave and a treasure chest. You will also find a few more Grims to fight. Once you clear them out, enter the cave, and as you exit out the other side you will be facing a glowing tablet that Wisps are emerging from. Naturally, you need to destroy that tablet and kill those Wisps. Once you do, you will have to fight a few more Grims, then you are going to go looking for a squat cave.

Once you exit out the other end of that cave, you will be facing some Gulons. These Gulons are a little different; as they will self-destruct once you put them down. So, just get some distance from them when you see this happening. Look for a place to climb up. Once you find it, you will follow a narrow path until you reach a Legendary Treasure Chest tangled in vines. However, we just learned how to solve this problem in the last world. Create a trail of Hexes using your Sigil Arrows (those are the purple ones) that travels up to the brazier above. Then shoot the brazier, causing a chain reaction of explosions that will burn the vines off the chest. You will deal with the barricade up above in the same way.

Climbing Hrimthur's Wall

After having a pleasant conversation with Skjoldr, you are going to now climb the massive Hrimthur's Wall. But before you get climbing, there is a treasure chest on your left. So collect that first. Just follow the paint indicators. You really can't fail the climbing sections. You will eventually arrive at a ledge where you will fight a Wight and some Wisps. Your best bet is to shoot a Wisp with a runic arrow, and then immediately bat it at the other specters. Once you clear out the ghosts, look up above. There is a chain that needs to be shot down with your sonic arrows. Free the chain, climb up it, and engage in a little more rock climbing until you reach a ledge with a cave.

This cave is filled with baddies. However, some of those baddies are Wisps. So, knock a Wisp down, give it a boot, and explode everything. Run into the heart of the cave. There is one of those Wisp-generating tablets here. Destroy it. After that, clean up the rest of the remaining enemies. There is a chest in here, and a pouch of Hacksilver near where you entered. Collect all that, and head out the opposite end of the cave.

Once you exit the cave, you will see two giant boxes being suspended by rope. You need to destroy the two pieces of metal securing the box to the mountain. Just shoot the green metal fastener on the right of the box with your sonic arrow, then hop down to the left, jump across the gap, and you will have a view of the other fastener; take it out too. Now jump back over to the first box. You can cut the rope, which will propel you upward. And what will be waiting for you at the top? More Wisps, of course! Shoot 'em with a runic arrow, and then beat them up with melee attacks. It is as easy as that. Climb up and collect the red chest.

Now, you will do a little more climbing, and then you will meet Heimdall. Heimdall is a jerk, but that is neither here nor there. You will follow him now. Most of this stuff is going to be purely narrative, but you can pick up a sack of Hacksilver along the way. Once you take the lift down, Heimdall will get your ride ready, but before you hop on, there is a chest to your right. Open it. Finally, he will lead you to an arena. Here you will be forced to fight a handful of Einherjar. You know the drill at this point: keep your distance, slow them down by shooting out their legs, and land headshots. You will then have a brief, unwinnable fight against Heimdall himself.

After all that excitement, you will now just follow characters around. You will follow Odin. After he is done leading you around the place, clear out the dresser in your room. There is good stuff in there! From here on out, there is nothing to collect. Just follow people around, talk to them, and you will eventually find yourself in another, slightly less pleasant, world.

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