God Of War Ragnarok Will Take Up Twice As Much Space As God Of War

God of War Ragnarok is just a couple of months away. Kratos and Atreus' battle through the Nine Realms looks to be huge, as its massive file size for PS4 has reportedly popped up on its PlayStation download page.

As reported by PlayStation Game Size on Twitter (thanks, GameRant), the PS4 version of the game will be about 90.6GB. That's double the 2018 God of War’s 45GB size. However, the post also notes that there are a number of things that could change this figure. For instance, the file size can change based on Day One updates, download sizes also differ based on regions, and most importantly, the PKG sizes are not always accurate. From the looks of it, Ragnarok's PS4 version could have a two-disc version whereas PS5 could get a single disc.

Sony is leaving no stone unturned to ensure the anticipation for God of War Ragnarok is at its peak. The recent State of Play showcased a brand-new story trailer for the game, where we saw Kratos and Thor battling it out. It also showed a visual where Atreus sent his wolf, Fenrir, to devour the sun, which is what eventually leads to Odin's defeat in the legends.

There have also been a number of leaks regarding the game thus far. First, we saw the cover for the official art book, which revealed a lot of info about the development of some central characters in the game. Next, we saw a couple of pages from the art book itself that contained info about Kratos’ battle with Thor. Another leak also revealed Odin’s character design, which was quickly taken down. Fans also think that they spotted Odin the in the latest trailer, but there has been no confirmation on that yet.

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