God Of War Ragnarok’s Ksavir Poems Reference PlayStation Exclusives

The days are shortening, the weather is looking inclement, and winter draws nearer. Ragnarok is upon us! Yay! While Sony Santa Monica's follow up to 2018's God of War is easily one of the biggest game releases of the year this title also seems to contain some sneaky references to Sony's stable of other first-party games. There are light spoilers ahead (really, it's not too big, we promise, but if you don't want your collectibles spoiled then look away).

On The Last Of Us' subreddit someone highlighted an Easter egg they discovered in God of War Ragnarok. It comes from the poems scattered around the game and are collectibles. Players find their first poem a few hours or so into the game. They're authored by Kvasir, a wandering god who spreads his knowledge across the realms. But it seems The Last Of Us is not the only series that they are referencing…

These poems however don't appear to be about anything in the game or on Norse mythology, but rather they are references to Sony's other first-party games. We're talking Horizon, The Last of Us Part 2, Ratchet and Clank, Death Stranding, Days Gone, among others. All the poems are about PlayStation exclusive games and describe aspects of them with rhyme and rhythm. It's kind of fun to see how they are captured in verse while the titles of the poems spin on the game's titles. One of them, for example, is called We Who Remain, Part the Second.

A few lines from the above mentioned poem goes: "What is it to live? / What is it to die? / Is the only difference / In the beholder's eye? / When disease rots your body, When hate sours your brain, What separates / The mad and the sane?" And on it goes. Some clues are there already for what famous Sony game this is referencing.

There are a bunch of other poems to nab throughout the game to add to Kratos' collection and players can have fun reading them and trying to decipher which PlayStation games they're referring to. If you want to know the full list, you can search online, but for now go forth and collect the verses God of War players.

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