God Of War Ragnarok’s Launch Date Could Be A Norse Mythology Easter Egg

Santa Monica Studio is no stranger to hiding Easter eggs in every nook and cranny. Not only was 2018's God of War filled with them, but even the promotional content had runes and such that translated into clues. Ragnarok is now only three days away, but fans have been investigating every little element in every piece of communication by the studio since before it was even announced. However, it seems they missed one that has been staring them in the face all this while.

The credit for pointing out this neat little secret goes to Twitter user ManuDoll, who realised that Ragnarok's launch date, November 9, 2022, is itself an Easter egg referencing Norse mythology (thanks GamesRadar). The interesting thing about this date is that a total lunar eclipse is set to take place just a day before, on November 8. The sun, Earth, and moon align perfectly, causing what is sometimes known as a Blood Moon, where the moon appears to look reddish.

And, would you know it, according to Norse mythology, a rather major event takes place during a total lunar eclipse – the wolves Hati and Sköll finally catch and devour the moon and sun they have been chasing. The moon goes red, signifying the end of the cycle, and kicking off the events of Ragnarok. That's right, God of War Ragnarok launches on the day after Ragnarok begins, according to Norse mythology.

It's unknown whether Santa Monica Studio planned this, or if it's just a happy coincidence, but the theory has been Retweeted by the studio, meaning it's not entirely rubbish. Considering the lengths that some fans have gone through, combing every piece of information for possible clues, this one seemed like quite a big one to miss.

But the first game was about more than just the main quest, and you can bet that Ragnarok will have a bunch of side quests too. Santa Monica dev, Anthony DiMento, said that their goal for the game's optional content was to beat that of The Witcher 3, which as we know has some of the best side quests available.

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