Gotham Knights Fans Are Torn Over Beyond Skins

Gotham Knights has revealed its deluxe edition rewards featuring both Jim Lee and Beyond-themed skin bundles as well as colour modifiers, an emote, boosted gear, and "salvage". While Jim Lee's skins have been met with near-universal praise, the Beyond pack has been more divisive.

It's based on Batman Beyond, the TV series that jumps ahead 20 years to 2019, the "future". Bruce Wayne is an older man, now in his 50s, but uses a higher-tech suit to stave off his cracking joints and bad back. However, he pushes himself too far and has a heart attack, leading to him using a gun, and this fear of crossing a line leads him to retire. Jump ahead 20 years to 2039, and we have a 70-year-old Bruce training Terry McGinnis, a 16-year-old, to become the new Batman. He has a much slicker and darker suit, which these new costumes draw inspiration from.

Many are singing the pack's praises as it gives Red Hood, Robin, Nightwing, and Batgirl a Beyond coat of paint. In contrast, others claim they're over-designed and too detailed, missing what made the original Beyond suit look so good – for every viral tweet about how bad they are, you'll find one saying the opposite as fans are vehemently split down the middle here.

This tweet highlights the "busy" complaint many have while showing off the original Beyond costume for a clearer comparison. Its solid black from head to toe with the red logo vividly standing out in juxtaposition, the eyes, nose, and mouth signified in bright white – it's unlike any Batman suit in that simplicity. Some even replied to highlight that there's a Beyond Nightwing in the comics, Dick Grayson's daughter, that the game could've drawn from, as well as a Robin suit.

But not everyone hates the pack. Someone tweeted, "The Deluxe Edition armor set 🔥🔥🔥🔥", with the official Gotham Knights Twitter even replying, "Can't protect Gotham if you don't have the right gear." Others jumped in to also praise the Jim Lee pack, or share more detailed breakdowns, saying they're fans of the design overall but not fond of Robin's face in particular.

Wherever you land, this pack has fans split down the middle, but there's always the Jim Lee set if you're not fond of the Beyond designs. You can get both by ordering the deluxe edition which drops later this year in October.

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