Gran Turismo 7 Releasing In "First Half Of 2021," According To Latest PlayStation Ad

Sony is running a new PS5 ad on YouTube that may have inadvertently revealed the release window for Gran Turismo 7.

One eagle-eyed viewer was able to read the fine print at the bottom of the advertisement, which featured an image taken directly from GT7. The screenshot posted online is in French, but when translated roughly means, “release planned for the first half of 2021.” It’s not much, but we’ll take what we can get – Sony has been tight-lipped out Gran Turismo 7, so it’s great to finally get even the tiniest bit of info.

The viewer posted their findings to GTPlanet, where several commenters threw in their two-cents as to when they think it’ll actually hit the market. The “first half of 2021” is a pretty massive timeframe, but most people on the forum think it would make the most sense to wait until the beginning of spring for a release. This would line up with the new FIA-Saison season – making it a perfect way to cross-promote between the two.

Others are speculating that a release date won’t be officially announced for quite a while. They believe that production on the highly-anticipated title will likely be delayed due to the ongoing pandemic. That means Sony doesn’t want to announce a release date until it’s absolutely certain the developers can deliver a product at that exact time. We’ve already seen this happen with Cyberpunk 2077 – after numerous delays, fans are starting to get restless.

No matter how you cut it, though, Gran Turismo 7 is still a ways off. It’s possible we’ll see it in the early months of 2021, but with PS5 availability up in the air and the economy still struggling, Sony might think the best option is to simply wait until everything starts to return to normal. Gran Turismo is one of the company’s best performing titles and, with plenty of other great games heading to PS5 in the coming months, there isn’t a need to rush its release.

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