Great Scott! Doc Brown Promotes Surgeon Simulator 2 At Gamescom Opening Night Live

The massive Gamescom event that kicked off on Thursday gave us in-depth looks at many games, but one, in particular, stands out. Actor Christopher Lloyd, in character as Doc Brown, promoted Surgeon Simulator 2 at Gamescom opening night live.

This is only the second time that we’ve seen Opening Night Live as the introduction to one of the world’s largest gaming trade shows. Both years have been hosted by Geoff Keighley, who also hosts The Game Awards. Due to the format’s success from 2019—and partially due to the pandemic—Gamescom decided to open the convention with Opening Night Live again this year.

Why Bossa Studios decided that this was the best way to introduce the game is anyone’s guess, but it worked pretty well. In a short segment, “Doc Brown” had a short back and forth with host Geoff Keighley in which he claimed that it was imperative that they launch Surgeon Simulator 2—right now. The script for Lloyd had him explain that he is connected to the game because it is a digital version of a medical program that he had participated in in the 1950s. What that does for the lore of the game is unknown.

The biggest improvement that you’ll get in Surgeon Simulator 2 is that this game will feature a co-op mode. If you have friends with a darker sense of humor, this is going to provide hours of entertainment for everyone. In addition to that, you will be able to build your own OR and share it with friends. Do you want a treadmill in the middle of the Operating Room? Do it. Do you want to place all of the surgical instruments on a ledge that can only be accessed by a plank? You can do that too. Getting bored of running around with severed limbs? Want to relax with a game of bowling, or basketball, or build a giant piano? Guess what; you can make that happen.

This is a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s meant to be an absurd party game that just gets more fun the later in the night it gets. Even if you aren’t playing the co-op mode, there is plenty here for a solo-player to enjoy. You can take it seriously and optimize your OR. You can absolutely build something beautiful, and impressive – something that you can be proud of.

Just know that the second you invite your friends over, something is going to break—and that’s half of the fun.

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