GTA designer blames ‘Rocksuck’ for removal of prototype videos

One of the designers for the original GTA claims Rockstar is on the warpath, deleting all development footage for the game.

Rockstar Games and its parent company, Take-Two Interactive, are no stranger to angering Grand Theft Auto fans, be it for the buggy release of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition or for issuing copyright strikes against long running mods for the games.

Now they’ve managed to upset Mike Dailly, aka one of the designers on the very first GTA game and co-founder of DMA Design – better known nowadays as Rockstar North (Rockstar’s Scottish studio).

This is because the company has apparently filed copyright strikes against Dailly’s YouTube channel for uploading prototype videos for the original GTA.

Dailly has now removed all videos directly related to GTA’s development, leaving only his own work, which was never used in the game, adding ‘You can thank Rocksuck.’

He also revealed he’s still in possession of the game’s 10-page design document but says it will now ‘never see the light of day.’

Dailly hasn’t been subtle with his frustration towards Rockstar, tweeting ‘I see Rockstar are going full f***ers mode again, issuing copyright strikes to any GTA video they can find – including both my prototype videos.

‘So now they’re trying to block all release of anyone’s work on a game – and any old development footage.’

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