Guests At Hotel X Toronto Can Book The "Nintendo Switch Suite” For March

Hotel X Toronto, an upscale hotel in Toronto, ON (part of the Library Hotel Collection, a small chain of hotels primarily located in New York City) just announced that it’s teaming up with Nintendo of Canada to offer a Nintendo Switch-centric experience in a dedicated suite.

From March 11 to March 26, Hotel X will be transforming its presidential suite, one of its largest rooms, into the Nintendo Switch Suite. The room can be booked for a non-overnight period of time, from 3:00pm to 11:00pm, intended to provide guests with a social gaming experience in a luxurious hotel environment, rather than a traditional overnight stay. Those who book the suite will have access to the room during the entirety of the designated booking time.

The centerpiece of the Nintendo Switch Suite is a decked-out Switch setup that includes both a traditional Switch console and its portable younger sibling, the Switch Lite. More than 50 games in total will be provided to guests across both systems, including modern day classics like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Zelda: Breath of the Wild, alongside additional titles ranging from AAA blockbusters to critically-acclaimed indie releases. Furthermore, the experience is rounded out by a number of Nintendo-inspired “touches” around the room. These include, as showcased on the webpage for the experience, a “do not disturb” sign adorned with a Mario silhouette.

All proceeds raised during this promotional event will then be donated to Starlight Children’s Foundation. This is a long-running nonprofit organization, founded in the 1980s, that provides fun and educational resources to hospitalized children, including gear for VR and traditional video games. In addition to partnering with hundreds of children’s hospitals across the United States, where the organization was founded, Starlight Children’s Foundation works with children in the UK, Australia and Canada.

Those interested in booking a stay in the first-ever official Nintendo Switch hotel suite can do so for 500 CAD, which is equivalent to just under 375 USD. More information about the amenities included in the suite, as well as details on how to book the room are available on Hotel X Toronto’s official website.

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