Halo 3 (2007) Is Getting A New Multiplayer Map Tomorrow

Halo: The Master Chief Collection begins Season 6 tomorrow, bringing new challenges, new rewards, and a new Halo 3 map called Waterfall. Season 6 was originally supposed to add two new maps to the game, however, the Edge map has since been postponed.

The Waterfall map, however, should be more than enough to keep you busy. The location comes from Halo Online – a free-to-play game from Russia that was canceled long ago – and is the first new map the game has seen in over ten years.

343 Industries has been carefully modifying Waterfall over the past few months according to player feedback during test flights. Despite all the fixes, Waterfall will only be available in custom games while the team continues to take feedback from players and perfect the new locale.

The developer shared a screenshot of the new map back in February – showing off a bit of what you can expect when it arrives tomorrow. You can check out Waterfall in all its glory below:

Season 6 brings several big changes to Halo: MCC, but there are also a few features the community was hoping to see that will be left out. Content not arriving tomorrow includes:

  • View Model Offset
  • Halo 3 “Edge” map
  • Custom Game Browser

“We are working diligently on each of these items right now and will bring them back in an updated capacity either to future flights or into an update,” 343 announced. “As we get closer to final with each feature and piece of content, we will make sure to shout from the rooftops when they are ready.”

You might also notice a few strange connection changes, as the team reworks the “global server infrastructure. As a result, it’s possible you’ll be connecting to different server regions – although 343 Industries said it should have no impact on your playing experience.

Halo: MCC continues to be the best way to get your Halo fix until Infinite arrives later this year. We still don’t have a firm release date, but the developer – and fans alike – are hopeful it’s still on track to release before 2022.

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