Halo Reveals Master Chief’s Face (And He’s A Cat)

After decades of waiting, we’re finally getting a look at Master Chief’s face. Unfortunately, it’s not quite what fans were expecting – turns out, Chief’s been a cat this whole time.

343 Industries’ spoof announcement is making the rounds on Twitter, inspired by the Texas lawyer who didn’t know how to turn off the cat filter on Zoom before attending a virtual court hearing. The moment has since gone viral, and 343 decided to join in on the fun.

“I’m here live. I’m not a cat,” reads the tweet from the official Halo account. It’s then followed by a ridiculous gif of Master Chief removing his helmet, revealing he’s a cat, then letting loose with some terrible dance moves. You can check out the spoof reveal below:

The rest of the Xbox family joined in on the conversation, with the official account replying, “This is why the internet was invented.” And we’d have to agree.

As far as Chief’s real face? Our best guess comes from the Legendary Ending of Halo 4. In the brief clip, we see a close-up shot of John-117’s eyes – which reveals nothing more than two awfully dark eyes and some very unhealthy skin. I much prefer the cat version of Master Chief.

Master Chief’s face remains a mystery, and there’s no indication as to when – or if – 343 Industries will ever offer a true reveal. If the team does move forward with a reveal in the future, there’s bound to be a large portion of the Halo fanbase that doesn’t like what they see. Some things are best kept a mystery, and as a super-soldier that’s been through hell and back – and with a body that hasn’t seen the Sun in years – it’s probably best to keep his identity a secret.

Instead, let’s all pretend this cat reveal is canon. I think we can all agree it’s the best available option.

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