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In Hardspace: Shipbreaker, you have access to a wide variety of tools and methods for taking ships apart. Demo charges are an important tool for any Shipbreaker looking to get the job done quickly and easily. While demo charges are great for quickly dismantling parts of a ship, they can also be dangerous if used incorrectly.

After unlocking demo charges at Rank 11, you will be able to bring this device with you on your shifts. Let's take a look at how to set and disarm demo charges, what they're good for, and some tips for using them correctly.

How To Use Demo Charges

When you first unlock demo charges, they will explode over a wide area, which can be difficult and dangerous to use in close-quarters situations, especially if used near volatile equipment like fuel tanks or power generators. However, you can upgrade your demo charges to reduce the blast radius, allowing you to use them for controlled explosions.

When a demo charge detonates, the impact of the explosion can knock away smaller loose objects, and even has the force to push larger parts of the ship apart. Because of this, it's best to use your demo charges when the ship is still entirely intact. Plan out where you'll need to do a controlled explosion, and set your charges early to reduce the chance of parts of the ship blasting away.

To use the demo charges, approach the surface you want to blow up. When you get close, an indicator will appear, showing you roughly how large the resulting explosion will be, and how the charge will cut the surface. Demo charges create an explosion over a lateral area, the direction of which can be changed by right-clicking before setting the charge.

You can place as many demo charges as you want at once, but, by default, you can only hold five at a time before you'll need to buy more. After you're done setting your charges, press V to switch to the detonation trigger. While holding the trigger, simply left-click to detonate all active charges, starting from the first one placed.

Demo charges have a cut grade of three, meaning they will be able to destroy many things your personal cutting tool can't. Most notably are higher grade cut points and aluminum support beams, which can be tedious to cut manually.

Disarming Demo Charges

If you accidentally place a demo charge or want to change its position or orientation, you can disarm them by first unlocking the upgrade allowing you to do so. After the upgrade is unlocked, you can disarm a demo charge by pressing F, which will bring up a mini-game in which you must time the meter so it lands in the small green sliver at the right time. If done correctly, the charge will be deactivated and placed back in your supply. However, if you fail to time the meter right, the charge will explode.

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