Hideo Kojima to work on Silent Hills revival for Sony claims rumour

Not only is Sony making a Silent Hill reboot with the original team but apparently they’ve also got Kojima back to work on the franchise.

As soon as Konami themselves indicated they were interested in making a new Silent Hill game, it became obvious that talk of two new titles was more than just rumours.

Previous leaks suggested that the new games were a soft reboot, similar in style to the originals, and some sort of episodic, Telltale Game style adventure. But according to the latest information the latter is no less than a revival of the previously cancelled Silent Hills project.

Website Rely on Horror, which has a good track record with this sort of thing, claims that Sony is now the driving force behind both projects and has been able to smooth relations between Silent Hills director Hideo Kojima and Konami.

Rely on Horror claims to have two different sources confirming the same thing, and it does come only a few days after Norman Reedus said he was ‘in talks’ to work with Kojima again. (Although there’s been no hint of Guillermo del Toro’s involvement.)

One of the sources claims that Silent Hills will also make use of the next generation PlayStation VR headset, although it’s not clear what, if any, connection it will have with the original version and if development will be starting again from scratch.


Rely on Horror point out that Silent Hills is not a done deal yet but claim that the second project, a reboot of the original series, in a similar style, has been in development for a year already.

Supposedly Keiichiro Toyama, who was writer and director of the original 1999 game, and celebrated composer Akira Yamaoka are both returning for the project, alongside creature designer Masahiro Ito.

That’s a sizeable chunk of the original Team Silent, that worked on the first few games, but apparently Sony is also providing developers from the Project Siren group, who previously worked on the Forbidden Siren series of survival horror games and is where Toyama has been ever since.

Beyond these two projects, Sony are apparently keen to acquire the Silent Hill franchise in its entirety, but that obviously hasn’t happened yet.

It all seems too good to be true for fans of the series but there have been signs that Kojima is getting ready to announce something, so maybe dreams (or nightmares) can come true.


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