High On Life: Complete Weapons Guide

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  • Kenny (Earth)
  • Knifey (The Slums)
  • Gus (Krubis)
  • Sweezy (Douglas)
  • Creature (Skrendel Labs)

High on Life is a game about stopping an alien cartel from turning all humans into drugs. It's definitely a strange premise, but even stranger is how you plan to accomplish this goal. The only chance you have is to team up with some friendly aliens called Gatlians that are literally talking guns.

Each one has something to say and something to shoot, just make sure you stay on their good side. Throughout your adventure, you'll come across five different sentient weapons that you'll need to master in order to defeat the G3 cartel and put an end to the recreational use of humans.

Kenny (Earth)

When the G3 cartel invades earth, one of the top bosses will kill an alien worker for seemingly no reason. After things clear up a bit, you'll run out to the wounded alien and find a gun-shaped creature that will spit translating microbes into your face. You'll be able to understand all alien languages and the gun introduces itself as Kenny.

Even though Kenny is a pistol, he's the most consistent long-range weapon that you have. He has a decent rate of fire, damage, and a high ammo capacity. He's perfect for taking out targets peaking behind cover at a distance and excellent at dealing with snipers. Save his Globshot for bosses and enemy groups to instantly stagger and launch them into the air to hit them for massive damage.

Knifey (The Slums)

Even though it's not a given, many FPS games feel the need to offer a melee option for aggressive tactics or desperate out-of-ammo measures. After getting settled, your first mission will take you to the nearby Slums. You'll make your way to a hidden backroom deal and meet Knifey, the psychotic overtly violent sentient hunting knife.

He lets you slice through enemies, open loot boxes, and attach to grapple points. Though it leaves you exposed, running around using Knifey is a decent way to eliminate opponents one by one. As soon as you strip away some of their organic armor, Knifey can go in for the kill. If there are too many melee enemies around, many keep him holstered as he doesn't have the fastest attack speed.

Gus (Krubis)

Once you're officially a bounty hunter, you'll be able to hunt down high-ranking G3 members. If you choose Krubis, this will have you combing through mining facilities to find him. After you do and kill him, you'll rescue the slug-like Gus. One of the friendlier guns in your arsenal, he serves as the close-range shotgun weapon. He does have massive damage, but a short range, low rate of fire, and even lower ammo capacity.

His spread shot is surprisingly precise so unless you're accurate, best save his shots for tightly-knit groups up close or larger targets. He's great for dealing with tough melee enemies and his Disc Launcher gives him a long-range option that can bounce between walls and targets. His suction ability is particularly useful for pulling in fast smaller enemies to stun and finish them off quickly.

Sweezy (Douglas)

Another one of the early G3 targets is Douglas, who looks like the disgraced half-cousin of Mysterio. Going after him has you visiting an underground facility in the middle of nowhere where the G3 train new recruits.

When you finally confront and kill Douglas, you'll meet Sweezy, a rude yet enthusiastic gun. She's able to shoot crystals that lodge in enemies and can be struck to explode, and she can also throw a charged crystal for heavy precision damage. After Kenny, she has the longest range, with the most ammo of any gun.

She acts as a submachine gun so quick bursts are recommended for the best accuracy. Since her crystals lodge and explode, she's very useful for crowd control and her charged crystal is arguably the longest-range attack you have. This is on top of the fact that she can make Time Bubbles, which drastically slow down any enemies, allowing you to riddle them full of holes.

Creature (Skrendel Labs)

Reaching the second tier of G3 targets, you'll be able to go after the Skrendel brothers. These macho-like aliens are smarter than they look and are responsible for drug manufacturing and experimentation that can benefit the cartel. This includes operating on helpless Gatlians such as a hefty one known only as Creature.

After rescuing him from the lab, this sweet but oblivious gun will happily join you. His shots are interesting but could somewhat be compared to support. Creature fires little monsters that attach to enemies and relentlessly attack them while active.

They can be aimed and they have a medium range. If the target is missed, they can still run around and seek other targets. The Hypno Fiend is particularly effective in huge fights that have strong enemies, which you can mind control to your side. This gun is best used in conjunction with others due to its lingering effects. It's also a good choice against bosses, especially those that move around a lot.

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